Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe

Geophysics Earth predicted Geophysicists from the US, Canada, France and Germany spoke about the future of the Earth in ten thousand years. The results of the authors of research published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The main conclusion of geophysicists is to ensure that global warming and anthropocentric factor over the next ten thousand years will if one does not take responses irreversible impact on the chaotic climate change on the planet.

The most conservative estimate suggests that over the next hundred years will pass in the atmosphere of about 1.28 billion tons of carbon. In another scenario, the air can be 9.5 billion tons of the material. Continue reading “Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe”

Paul Craig Roberts-U.S.moving to a terrible catastrophe

Paul CraigThe news maker of the week was the Fed that shocked financial markets with the announcement that there would be phased out. What do you think? For the Fed situation is as follows. All markets, as well as the big banks and their ability to pay are entirely dependent on the Fed’s purchase of bonds. If they will not buy bonds, rates rise, the value of debt instruments will fall, banks will go bankrupt again, the bond market and stock collapse. So they can not turn easing, because the whole system is tied to it. Another aspect of the trap into which they fell, is that the longer they will keep easing, the faster the time will come when the rest of the world will just lose all confidence in the dollar. Continue reading “Paul Craig Roberts-U.S.moving to a terrible catastrophe”

Warming of 1.5 degrees lead to global catastrophe

greenhouse effectHotness rises by just one and a half degrees will release huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, only hastening global warming, according to a study published by the United Nations.

Specialists note that the warming in Siberia can release more than 1,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide and methane. Will be sufficient to simplify the process of raising the temperature.
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Hurricanes warn humans of the impending catastrophe

SandyNatural disasters are becoming more fearful and less predictable. Scientists believe that in this way the nature of mankind warns of an impending disaster, but humanity does not want to hear it.

In the last decade the development and movement of hurricanes, typhoons, very specific, and often does not fit into the accepted framework of scientists. Hurricane “Sandy” raging now in the U.S. – a convincing proof.
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The second “Tunguska” catastrophe

About 480 thousand years ago in the skies over Antarctica, an event that is similar to the Tunguska catastrophe in 1908 – an explosion intruding into the atmosphere of outer body weight of hundreds of thousands of tons of European scientists have established.

The report presented at a conference on planetary and lunar exploration in Texas, Folk Luigi (Luigi Folio) from the University of Siena and his colleagues from France and Britain presented the results of the analysis of micro-spherical shape, found in Antarctica in the area of Victoria Land.
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