Archaeologists have exposed the Umayyad era castle

castleThe mysterious castle dating from the I century AH, was exposed in the valley of Al-Akiko in Medina, said with reference to IINA agency Saudi Press. The castle ruins were dug out of the ground of the archaeological team of the High Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, said the head of Dr. Khaled Bin Muhammad Askubi.

In addition, the Saudi archaeologists have found pottery, glass, stone tools and stalactite ceramics.
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Legends Shamborskogo castle

Shamborskogo castleThe world famous castles of the Loire Valley. Rooms in it than days of the year – 440, and that all the way around them, take a few hours …

With¬†Shambolic¬†lock bind names of Leonardo da Vinci, the mysterious Comte Saint-Germain and many other famous personalities. Lands, where now is the lock in X century. Owned by Count of Blois, Champagne and Chatillon. In 1392, they were acquired by the Duke Louis of Orleans, and when he ascended the throne under the name of Louis XII, became the property of the French crown. Continue reading “Legends Shamborskogo castle”

History of Edinburgh Castle

At Edinburgh Castle – the most famous of Scottish castles has a long and varied history of erection. Extremely old part of the Chapel St Margaret, refers to the XI century. The Great Hall was built by James IV in about 1510, battery Crescent Regent Morton in the late 16 th century, and the Scottish National War Memorial after the First World War.
Collection sites of the castle is very large and interesting. Edinburgh Castle is not just an attractive tourist destination. This storage place of national historical relics of the Scots, namely the crown jewels of Scotland.

In addition to regalia heightened interest are other attractions of national importance: Stone of Destiny Stone, which took place the coronation of rulers of Scotland and England), a giant medieval Artillery – gun Mons Meg (Mons Meg) and hour gun. Most of the buildings inside the castle are independent museums of tourist remarkable historical exposition.
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