Scientists predict major earthquake in the Caribbean

earthquakeCaribbean countries in the near future expects massive earthquake. This forecast was made director of the seismic studies University of the West Indies Joan Lachman.

In the vicinity of Barbados February 18 earthquake of magnitude 6.7. This is the most powerful earthquake that occurred in the region over the past 33 years. It affected not only in Barbados, but the territory of Martinique, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. According to Joan Lachman, this earthquake was not expected in this region, reports the publication Prensa Latina. Continue reading “Scientists predict major earthquake in the Caribbean”

Climate change threatens Caribbean water

global warmingThe experts are sounding the alarm about the effects of climate change in parts of the Caribbean, which could exhaust the sources of drinking water in much of the region, already under intense pressure.

The rise in sea levels could contaminate drinking water supplies and changing weather patterns could reduce the amount of rainfall that reaches the dams in the coming decades, scientists and officials warned at a conference on the island of St. Luciathis week . Continue reading “Climate change threatens Caribbean water”

The ancient city at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea.

ancientA group of scientists – archaeologists, not did not advertise their names and titles, has published several photos from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, which quite clearly visible structure in the form of a triangle, most likely representing configured the ruins of the city.

Wonderful pattern formed on the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, can say that there are traces of human civilization, and to put it more precisely – the ruins of the city.
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