Found on Vancouver coin change early history of Canada

Canada CoinOn the shoreline of Vancouver Island in Canada in December was found XVI century English coin, reports The National Post.

Find revived interest in the controversial theory that the English explorer Sir Francis Drake made a secret trip to the coast of Canada in 1579, two centuries before the legendary British discoverer James Cook made his famous first visit to the future Canadian province of British Columbia in 1770s. Continue reading “Found on Vancouver coin change early history of Canada”

Person in Canada

Ancient CanadaPossibility of satellite and aerial research has open many doors for archaeologists – so they find new Egyptian pyramids and map ancient settlement. In 2006, the year it has also led to a astonishing discovery made by Australian grandmother. Unlikely she was an expert in history, but the discovery of attractive happened.

So what is found is this woman? She studied the mountains in Alberta, Canada, with the help of Google Maps and suddenly saw eerie image on a rock, reminiscent of an Indian in traditional headdress … Continue reading “Person in Canada”

Canada have found the oldest water in the world

Old waterWater is found in the process of drilling boreholes in the mine, which is located 2.4 kilometers below the Timmins and Ontario seems to have traces of long-vanished ocean and atmosphere that existed when there was only life, breathable oxygen – approximately 2.5 billion years ago.

This discovery is spectacular in all – says professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Toronto Barbara Sherwood Loller, which was part of the team that made the discovery.  – As if we found another world.  Continue reading “Canada have found the oldest water in the world”

Who is the “Sandy”?

CycloneAmericans and Canadians assess the damage and calculate the losses from the depredations “Sandy,” we try to understand the terminology of the cyclonic eddies. After being initially tropical cyclone, “Sandy” was transformed into extra tropical cyclone and covered the East Coast of the U.S. and Canada in a new capacity.

The thing is that the tropical and extra-tropical cyclones completely different physics: first appear in the tropics over very warm water surface (at least +27 ° C) and “fed” by allocating huge amount of condensing with powerful lifting hot and humid air . Extra tropical cyclones occur against the backdrop of sharp temperature contrasts in the main atmospheric fronts that separate the two air masses with different properties.
Continue reading “Who is the “Sandy”?”

A giant iceberg moves between Greenland and Canada

In mid-July in the North-Western coast of Greenland from the glacier broke off a giant iceberg Petermann before taking over, called PII-2012.

Since then, he has gradually moved towards the exit of the fjord and now reached the Strait of Nares is a thin strip of ocean separating Greenland from Canada. In the process of the iceberg have begun to peel off fairly impressive pieces. Continue reading “A giant iceberg moves between Greenland and Canada”