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Camp Perm 36- there is no freedom

No freedomJust two hours from Perm, and there comes another reality. Hot summer morning replaced gloomy autumn day. Kutchino village, which is located in the former top-secret political zones VS 389/36, but simply Perm-36 drowning in a cold haze. Rain began here yesterday, with the arrival of the first guests of the forum USA, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and since then is a variable force.

Press of buses brave Marines before the stormy waters of the ocean: the legs immediately get stuck in the mud, summer clothing gets wet through, but we pretend that we are all on the drum – as long as the hardware does not disappoint. Read the rest of this entry »

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The coast of Alaska built a concentration camp for five million people

Alaska CoastAppearance in Moscow deportation camp for migrants, which contains nearly three thousand foreigners, as expected, led to protests of Russia’s liberal public. The building of the Federal Migration Service of Russia emerged demonstrators with relevant posters. Particular outrage they provoked the news that the government plans to create a network of similar institutions across the country. Rumor has it that will be built 83 deportation camps.

Liberals immediately started to move frightening word “concentration camp”, causing the majority of the population in direct association with the Great Patriotic War. Although it all terribly? And if it goes in line with international practice? For example, the one which is held, for example, the United States?

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