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California is shaken by hundreds of earthquakes

California earthquakesSan Francisco. California, USA. In recent days we have in the area. Trip to San Ramon, 27 km east of Auckland, is a series of earthquakes with a magnitude up to 3.6. About 200 small earthquakes occurred in the district of San Ramon, from 13 October to 20 October.

The strongest tremors in magnitude from 2.8 to 3.6 were felt mainly in the eastern part of San Francisco Bay. It is reported that the tremors were felt most notable residents of Contra Costa County and Alameda. Only for Monday, 19 October is observed up to 25 significant crustal movements. Read the rest of this entry »

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UFO in California

UFOIn California in the photo accidentally captured a UFO. That’s what the witness says: My friends and I were on an excursion to the popular route in Auburn,California, we decided to stop and rest for about a mile down the trail where there is a rock that protrudes from the mountainside and is ideal for photos and provides a great panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mysterious metal boxes appeared on the beaches of Oregon and California

mysterious boxThe beach Stone field could not pass unnoticed the existence of strange metal mysterious boxes that appeared as if by magic, half-buried in the place. The boxes, which have no opening and are completely sealed, began to appear after a weekend of copious sightings in the skies over Oregon.
Witnesses say the mysterious boxes are about 5 inches long by 5 wide and about 20 high, and emitting a “sorry” or high tone, as described by old stories of mermaids. Is this part of the strange sounds heard around the world, or something new?

So far there are several hypotheses about the origin of these mysterious boxes. From an art to the Japanese disaster debris. Of course, there are voices that speak of extraterrestrial phenomena and UFOs.
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California lake Monoleyk in the U.S.

Mono Lake – a unique lake, which feeds streams from melting glacier. Water that enters into it, has only a single solution – the evaporation process, built up the highest concentration of mineral salts in its composition, which is almost 3 times more salty and 85 times more alkaline than sea water.
City of Los Angeles is located 300 miles from Mono Lake, but this fact does not prevent developing giant metropolis pace to intervene actively in the shape and destiny of one of the oldest lakes on the planet. In 60 of the last century, the citizens of Los Angeles began its needs for the four tributaries of the lake. Water drainage and farmers to irrigate their fields. Read the rest of this entry »

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