Trypillians unique calendar

The torch was lit our Tripoli – five or six thousand years ago.  Neolithic.  An incredible burst of human genius, who created the foundation for future development and establishment of modern Ukraine and the entire global civilization.  Recall Trypillian settlements even hundreds of hectares, more than ten times the area of Babylon in the era… Read more Trypillians unique calendar

The ancient calendar

The extraordinary discovery of this ancient calendar year 4000 was made by the scientist who had already decoded the “abacus” of the Incas and their computing system. We will call this calendar by convention “Neuralgic”, even if it was used in parallel by other people having the same oringine the people then living in Sardinia.… Read more The ancient calendar

Scientists have “corrected” the Mayan calendar

Representations to the effect that in December 2012 the planet await unprecedented cataclysms, probably formed from the wrong interpretation of the symbols on the monument of Tortuguero. This monument of the Maya was found in the 60’s of last century. It is a stone table, covered with glyphs – symbols, identifying the particular calendar period.… Read more Scientists have “corrected” the Mayan calendar