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Dinosaurs become wiped out because of the butterflies

A new theory on the causes of death of the dinosaurs set out in the just-published book in the United States Brian Switek. It lists the various theories of the sudden disappearance of the then owners of land, the newspaper La Repubblica. 66-65 million years birds have not been, and Butterflies felt fine breeding tirelessly. It is likely the cause of death of the dinosaurs became hungry. Butterflies, like the dinosaurs were vegetarians. At the huge reptiles, however, were huge jaws, but moths could count on the invincible weapon: the number.

Caterpillars devouring the leaves, and the dinosaurs likely died out from cramps in the stomach. Certainly, a new theory about the butterflies is the killer smile. But scientists suggest other equally strange theory. Read the rest of this entry »

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