Savar building collapse deaths reach 120

120 people have died and more than 600 others being injured in an eight-storey building collapse in Savar in the worst such disaster in Bangladesh’s history.

Rescuers say the death counts in the disaster may well rise further as scores are believed to have been trapped under the debris.

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Establish a building with Masonic symbols

Building symbolsThe ancient buildings of Moscow, it turns out that it is greatly in their design can be interpret as signs of clandestine societies such as the Freemasons. Architectural expert Elena Podshivalova book provides an overview of the five buildings of the capital with such signs.

Freemasonry has always been closely connected with structural design. It is no coincidence small house members to call God the great architect or architect of the universe and of the main characters are a pair of compasses, trowel and plumb. By itself, the process of construction of the building could refer to the creation of a new and better society. In many ways, therefore, secret societies open to the world a philosophy mainly through architecture.
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Burj Khalifa-The tallest building in the world

The world famous tallest buildingtallest building soaring 2,716-foot tower in Dubai, started the New Year in a massive sound and light show that turned the entire high-rise into a giant fireworks display.

A video, which captured the attention of the Web, shows an eye-popping performance that was accompanied by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra playing live on the Burj Steps. Fireworks, which were also set off elsewhere around Dubai, appear around and on top of the skyscraper.
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The five-story building is on the highway

the highway buildingThe construction of the highway, this 5-stored house was subject to demolition and resettlement, but one family refused to move dissatisfied offer of compensation.

Government authorities are tired persuade them to move out of the interfering building highway in the province of Zhejiang and just paved road right around the building. Now stubborn couple forced to live in the middle of the highway.
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