Three year old boy remembered his past life

past lifeThree year old boy from the Golan in the border area between Israel and Syria said that he was killed with an ax in his previous life. He showed where the killer hid the body and there really found a human skeleton.

He also showed where the murder weapon is hidden. At this point, excavated and found an ax. boy belonged to an ethnic group of friends in this culture the existence of reincarnation is accepted as fact. But in today’s society is perceived as a myth. Continue reading “Three year old boy remembered his past life”

In the U.S., the boy brought a weapon to school at the behest of voices

 behest of voices11-year-old boy, who was arrested in Washington state after he came to school with a gun, ammunition and knives admitted that he did so at the behest of voices which he heard in his head . This was October 24 Reuters reported, citing the police. According to the student, the voices told him to shoot other students. In particular, they ordered him to shoot at the hand of one of his disciples, who called his friend’s gay, and then finish with a shot to the head. Oct. 24 business student considered a juvenile court and charged with attempted murder was dropped. Currently, the boy is in custody. The boy was arrested the day before, on October 23, in a school in Vancouver, Washington. Continue reading “In the U.S., the boy brought a weapon to school at the behest of voices”

The boy died two times

died twiceTwo year old boy Kelvin Santos died in hospital from pneumonia, and his body was given to relatives for burial. During the farewell ceremony for the boy was lying in an open coffin. An hour before his funeral the next day, the boy sat up in his coffin and said, ‘Dad, I’m thirsty. ”

At this time in a room apart from the boy’s father, Antonio Santos had a few people closest family.
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