Scientists first went down to the bottom of a giant crater in Yamal

giant craterScientists first studied the bottom of a giant funnel on the Yamal Peninsula. They confirmed the preliminary version that the funnel is of natural origin, a correspondent reported. TASS, the press service of the regional government.

November 10  2014 scientists went to the third expedition to the funnel, they were able to take samples of soil and ice. It is 4 km from the pipeline and at a considerable distance from the gas fields. Human activities could not exert any influence on the formation of a failure, – said the press service. Continue reading “Scientists first went down to the bottom of a giant crater in Yamal”

Diamonds come from the bottom of an ancient ocean?

DiamondsGeology professor Dan Schulze  calls this extraordinary jewel of the remote region Guaniamo  Venezuela diamond Picasso, writes Mark Whitten

Glowing blue diamond with high resolution, which was formed billions of years ago, reminds him some pictures of Blue Period of Picasso. As Cubist masterpiece, his startling special and unusual properties are not amenable to a time secrets and offer new perspectives on life and the early history of the Earth. Continue reading “Diamonds come from the bottom of an ancient ocean?”

Bottom of the Earth-Mariana Trench

Mariana Trench Mariana Trench” the deepest place on the planet. I think almost everyone has heard about it or have studied in school, but I myself, for example, has long been forgotten, and its depth, and the facts of how she was soundings and investigated. So he decided to “refresh” his and your memory.

Its name, this absolute depth obtained from the near by Marianas Islands  The whole valley stretches along the islands and a half thousand kilometers and has a characteristic V-shaped profile. In fact this is the usual fault lines, the place where the Pacific plate goes under the Philippine simply Mariana Trench – the deepest part of it for that matter) its steep slopes, an average of about 7-9 °, and the bottom – flat, width from 1 to 5 kilometers , and divided into several thresholds of closed areas. Continue reading “Bottom of the Earth-Mariana Trench”