How to born storms and lightning

storms and lightningScientists are looking for an explanation of this mysterious process as the formation of lightning. Most experts are concerned about how initially neutral particles insulators have a powerful charge. His generation in clouds of sand or dust studied by scientists from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland and Rutgers University, USA. 

In addition to thunderstorms, lightning also occur when dust storms, volcanic ash, as well as in manufacturing – in clubs sugar or coal dust. On separation of charges at this phenomenon for many years, scientists say. Continue reading “How to born storms and lightning”

Jesus was born in Spring

Jesus was born The Gospel of Luke, when Jesus was born, “There were shepherds in the same region, fields, keeping watch by night over their flock”
There is a fundamental aspect of the interpretation of the Gospel of Luke as the season in which the Messiah was born, which is quite illuminating.
In Luke 2:8 we read that when Jesus was born, “There were shepherds in the same region, fields, keeping watch by night over their flock”
Adam Clarke, British Methodist theologian and Biblical scholar in Vol.5 of his “Commentary on the Bible” makes some very interesting insights about:
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Approach to the date of the birth of Jesus

JesusHistorically it is unlikely that Jesus was born on December 25, the exact date of birth of the Christian Messiah is still an issue that involves different interpretations from the first centuries of Christianity today. Still, one can say that, necessarily, the birth of Jesus had to occur before the first year of our Christian era.
That is, although it sounds paradoxical, Jesus would have been born a few years “before Christ”. This it sounds like gibberish, but this article will try to clarify some concepts to approach the most accurate date of the Nativity of Jesus. We will need to apply some common sense in interpreting the biblical texts in which unfortunately does not mention dates, hence the added difficulty of our purpose. Continue reading “Approach to the date of the birth of Jesus”