The human body that science can not answer

We now know about the human body is much more than ever before, but despite the huge number of important studies, many of our features still remains a mystery. 1. Why do we have fingerprints? Despite the obvious benefits of fingerprints, science really does not know anything about their natural function.┬áSome scientists have developed sophisticated… Read more The human body that science can not answer

Out of body journeys

Experiments on the out of body were still in the 70s of the twentieth century by the American Society for Psychical Research. As a traveler outside the body, the scientists brought the famous medium, Ph.D. A.Tanu that in some laboratory experiments brilliantly confirmed the reality of this phenomenon: all that he observed in neighboring areas… Read more Out of body journeys

Mystery body found in Brazil

The remains of an alleged extraterrestrial found dead somewhere in Julita, Brazil. Witnesses have testified that during the night, suddenly, the dog started barking and would not stop until the morning when the owners came out to see what had happened. After letting the dog take them wherever the problem was that the couple made… Read more Mystery body found in Brazil