Listen to your body

your bodyImagine this situation: the wife is gone, fired from work, car stolen … Well, you take a bottle, to overwhelm other – talk heart to heart. And that instead of Come sit down – wham! – And slammed the door in front of your nose. Absurd? But this is how we treat your own body when he tries to talk to us. Besides his tongue to us incomprehensible and unpleasant: sickness, disease. Leave me alone! Not Noah! – Shrugs we deafen pain pills. And then unhappy, misunderstood, lonely body to reach our consciousness floats arms stronger.

More than 2000 years ago, Chinese people have found that if a person sees a nightmare – his heart is not in order, if experiencing lung problems, and dreams associated with the water, clearly indicate irregularities in the bladder and kidneys. Continue reading “Listen to your body”

Secrets of the human body and mind

Human body and soulWhere a person goose, striped me and how IQ has stomach? Do we have free will? Offer seven things you probably did not know about himself.

1. You clever belly
This may sound ridiculous, but our stomach more neurons than in some animals in the brain. Scientists sometimes even call it a second brain, more precisely, the third – after spinal. He really is able to think, just more primitive categories than its parent counterpart. All his thoughts are devoted to food, as it digest properly select vitamins and nutrients. Continue reading “Secrets of the human body and mind”

The human body that science can not answer

BodyWe now know about the human body is much more than ever before, but despite the huge number of important studies, many of our features still remains a mystery.

1. Why do we have fingerprints?

Despite the obvious benefits of fingerprints, science really does not know anything about their natural function. Some scientists have developed sophisticated computer models to understand how fingerprints are formed, and although we now know about it, why evolution has given them to us, nothing is unknown.

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Out of body journeys

Body journeyExperiments on the out of body were still in the 70s of the twentieth century by the American Society for Psychical Research. As a traveler outside the body, the scientists brought the famous medium, Ph.D. A.Tanu that in some laboratory experiments brilliantly confirmed the reality of this phenomenon:

all that he observed in neighboring areas and at a considerable distance from the laboratory of the states out of body fully matched the description witnesses. Another medium – Christine Whiting, was also found the presence of energy shell A.Tanu so-called dream body. Continue reading “Out of body journeys”

Individual body – a body of the solar system

Solar systemWho are you trying to evaluate what – what exists around us? Any planet in the solar system, and any other – has a number of definitions of the main forms of life and its properties. Case while you can cause on the basis of the ocean as the water element and terrestrial fauna.

¬†The fish has a body that allows her to live under water, and those individuals who live on the surface of the earth, have radically diverse properties that allow you to move across the surface in different ways than in the fish. Continue reading “Individual body – a body of the solar system”

A woman for life was trapped in the body of a child

A very rare genetic disorder was the reason that a 20-year-old girl who wears baby clothes and weighs only 19 pounds, will forever remain five years old.

Lakshmi Yadev has not changed since the age of five. Now the growth of the 20-year-old girl is only 98 centimeters. She weighs 19 kilograms and wears clothes designed for six-year olds.

A rare genetic disorder caused that Lakshmi stopped growing 15 years ago. Girl resigned to the idea that the rest of her life she will have to live trapped in the body of the child.
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Green tea can bring the body not only benefit

TeaGreen tea is good for health. But recent scientific findings suggest that it is not always the case.
Experts from the United States found that some components of green tea may be difficult to influence the structure of the bones.

An experiment was conducted on laboratory mice. Rodents within 6 weeks were given green tea extract. As a result, bone mass they have decreased significantly compared to the control group of rodents.
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The impact of music on the body and the human psyc

Music and human bodyMusic can be seen as a tool of influence on human consciousness and, therefore, as a kind of psychic weapons. I would like to draw particular attention to the low frequency of repetition of sounds, so-called rhythm. New low-frequency sound wave brings with it yet another redistribution of primary matters in the area between the sound of the front. And it repeats again. Interval between the end of one of the low-frequency sound wave and when the next is crucial.

Recall that when a low-frequency sound wave front is a redistribution of primary matters and additional saturation of the astral and etheric bodies primary matter G. After passage of the sound of the front emit accumulated excess concentration of this matter astral body cells, and state of the cell is returned to the original.
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Mystery body found in Brazil

Mystery The remains of an alleged extraterrestrial found dead somewhere in Julita, Brazil. Witnesses have testified that during the night, suddenly, the dog started barking and would not stop until the morning when the owners came out to see what had happened.

After letting the dog take them wherever the problem was that the couple made an amazing discovery, however, shocking a dead alien lying on the grass. Unfortunately, people who made the discovery took no action, not alerted authorities simply left it there on the floor. Being had two toes on each foot and three fingers on each hand, this strange creature is 45 cm.

After death 10 functions of the body that continues

deathThe body going back in a matter of minutes, hours, days or even weeks after his death. Yes, the article is not intended for people with weak stomachs.
1. The growth of hair and nails
The growth of hair and nails is more of a technical function. The body no longer produces fabrics for the growth of hair and nails, but they both continue to “grow” and after his death. In fact, the skin loses moisture, and just recedes, exposing the hair and nails seem more compelling long. Since we measure the length of the hair and nails from their ends, to the point where the skin starts, then when the skin is receding, they begin to seem longer. Continue reading “After death 10 functions of the body that continues”