Appeared bloody cloud

Red CloudEerie natural phenomenon observed villagers Ananjevo Issyk-Kul region. About unusual cloud of blood-red color resident told Love Potapov. It was just sunset, the beginning of the ninth night, and although we usually clouds pass over the mountains, here is a cloud went directly to Ananjevo.

This was an amazing sight! Above the lake, the sky is clear over the mountains, and this red cloud tongue moves towards Karakol- said eyewitness. Continue reading “Appeared bloody cloud”

The sinister secret bloody chuchelnika

BloodySouth America there is an ancient custom of cutting off the heads of the enemies and keep them in a special way . After special treatment , they are transformed into tsantsa – very small human heads , employees Indians amulets. With tsantsa connected many sinister stories. In 1976, a German lawyer Michael Roger , being in transit in Hamburg , went to the gift shop . There were sold small, the size of a fist , the human head . It was mostly the head blacks, but one was white-skinned . Roger looked closely at her more closely, and froze in horror-  Continue reading “The sinister secret bloody chuchelnika”

The water bloody monster

bloody monsterIn the U.S. fisherman with a catch fish-monster on the memory- in New Jersey, Doug Cutler managed to catch the imagination of the amazing “fish-monster.”

American fishing saw a huge eel in the water and began to hunt him with a bow and arrow. Hit and pulling the trophy out of the water, the fisherman was dumbfounded: bleeding long sea creature with a huge mouth and conical teeth more like a figment of the imagination of producers science fiction movie than a living creature, says the NY Daily News. Continue reading “The water bloody monster”

China’s “bloody” river!

For unknown reasons, the water in the Yangtze River became blood red. Eerie sight first to see the inhabitants of the city of Chongqing. According to The Daily Mail, the local authorities have not been able to identify the causes of so many unusual phenomena.

And the townspeople not too scared and this phenomenon, many have begun to collect unusual water in the tank, as a souvenir. A fisherman and does continue to choose from a blood-red water catch. Apparently, the Chinese do not read the Bible, in which he wrote that before the apocalypse instead of water in the rivers will be flowing blood. Continue reading “China’s “bloody” river!”