Beast of the Black Sea

In krymchanin Alexander G. Paraskevidi house kept the tooth his photo to find, alas, it was not possible some sea monster. About 6 cm long, reddish-brown color, it was found sticking in the piece of wood on the beach near the village of Old Lighthouse. Turkish ichthyologist Arif Hakim, inspected and country analysis finds, found… Read more Beast of the Black Sea

Filibusters black sea

French engineer, who visited the Cossacks, describes their court-gulls and manner of acting: The boat is built in two weeks. Basis is the willow or linden bark length of 13.7 meters, it was packed from side boards so that it turns the boat 18.3 meters long, 3.0-3.7 meters of the same width and depth. Then… Read more Filibusters black sea

What Americans warships in the Black Sea

In the Black Sea can only pass successively through Dardanelles and the Bosphorus, located in the Turkish possession. Passage of warships through these straits is strictly regulated by the 1936 Montreux Convention. Short answer – the aircraft carrier tonnage far exceeds the maximum allowable tonnage warship permitted in the Black Sea straits. It was found,… Read more What Americans warships in the Black Sea