Detected a black hole which is larger than the Sun 17 billion times

large black holeThe black hole of enormous size, exceeding the sun by mass at 17 billion times, discovered by American researchers. According to preliminary data astrophysicists infer the discovery of the largest object in the Universe, of all that were found previously.

The facility is located in the no conspicuous group of galaxies, that the assumptions of scientists, may indicate that such black holes and is not a unique phenomenon in the universe, as is commonly believed.

According to estimates representative of the University of California astronomer Chung-Pei Ma, in the detected black hole 17 billion solar masses, and in the black hole at the center of our galaxy – only 4 billion. Thus, the new space object much larger black hole of the Milky Way. Continue reading “Detected a black hole which is larger than the Sun 17 billion times”

General Relativity neutron stars and black holes

black holesGravity is the main subject of many of these issues. The determining factor in the cosmos. It keeps the planets in their orbits, binds stars and galaxies, determines the fate of our universe. Founded by Isaac Newton in the 17th century, the theoretical description of gravity is accurate enough to calculate the trajectory of the spacecraft for flights to Mars, Jupiter and beyond.

But after 1905, when Albert Einstein demonstrated in the special theory of relativity that the instant transmission of information is impossible, physicists realized that Newton’s laws no longer be adequate, Continue reading “General Relativity neutron stars and black holes”

Some amazing facts about black holes

Black holes what happens when the universe divides by zero. They arise when the reality shows a critical error: too much material in one place the power of its own gravity and spoils the substance, and the place in which it is located.

Usually gravity in our universe is playing the role of a caring older brother who always prescriber for younger scattered toys. But in the case of black holes, gravity becomes downright Al Capone, which first convened a meeting all the fundamental laws of life, and then arranges a real meat grinder with their participation. Black holes are not only destroying the matter, they destroy the quantum laws that shape this matter, compressing it to a state of miserable crumbs until she ceases to exist too. In short, the black holes are simply ignoring reality.
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Black holes-nuclear fusion occurs

Black HoleSwedish & German group scientists simulated the behavior of matter in micro quasars – pairs of celestial bodies that are sources of strong X-ray emission.

These pairs consist of the traditional donor star and partner-acceptor, which may be a white dwarf, neutron star or black hole of stellar mass. The substance flowing from the donor, turned in an accretion disk, just like in a shell crater flowing curls of water. The disc material is accelerated and due to friction between different layers of quite heated.
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