We live inside a black hole?

black holeAmerican scientists have suggested quite incredible hypothesis that all of our vast universe is inside a giant black hole. Surprisingly, this model is able to explain many of the mysteries of the Universe. American physicist Nikodem Poplawski at Indiana University is the founder of a rather unusual theory of the structure of our universe.

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Discovered the most powerful black hole in the Universe

Black holeScientists have discovered the most powerful in the universe known to us today of black holes. Unprecedented power black hole was discovered by astronomers using data from X-ray Observatory Chandra X-ray, as well as other ground-based telescopes.

Because of its strong influence in the surrounding gas cloud, the formation of new stars phased out for many millions of years ago, but the black hole forms a truly gigantic structure. Black hole of unprecedented power located in the galactic cluster called RX J1532.9 +3021. Continue reading “Discovered the most powerful black hole in the Universe”

The black hole of the Milky Way suffered an explosion 2 million years ago

Milky Way suffered its last explosion two million years ago, according to a study has determined, published in The Astrophysical Journal and developed by scientists at the University of Sydney and¬†Below¬†Observatory .For years, astronomers have suspected that the center of the galaxy had been an explosion ‘recent’ but so far, no date had been set. Evidence that there had been a rash filament comes from a gas, mainly hydrogen, known as current Magellan.

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A black hole ejects material from their galaxy at nearly the speed of light

Hole galaxyAstronomers have discovered that the central hole of a galaxy located 1,500 million light years from Earth eject a powerful jet of material at nearly the speed of light, with such violence that large quantities of gas are reaching neighboring galaxies.

This process, according to the scientists in the journal Science, is limiting black hole growth and star formation rate in the galaxy, so that may be key to understanding how these develop and why some have more stars than other.

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Galactic explosions played along song of the black hole

Galaxy holeThe black hole located in the core M87, the galaxy formed a shock wave, and her remains previously unknown extensive cavity. And it sounded.

Orbital observatory recorded something unexpected – a terrible roar emitted by a super massive black hole. It would seem that the sound in a vacuum – how is that possible? Moreover, from a black hole, from which not that sound and even light signals will not wait. Still waiting. And no!

This unconventional literally opening could do as a result of one of the long-term observation of M87 – our nearest elliptical galaxy.
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Black hole helped physicists weigh photons

black holeGroup of physicists found that the existence of rotating black holes (also known as Kerr black holes), imposes constraints on the mass of the photon in some theories, which are extensions of the Standard Model.

The existence of black holes was first predicted in the early XX century. Holes are considered to be the simplest so-called hole event horizon, named after the pioneer of the theory of relativity, Karl Schwarzschild. He proposed a solution to the Einstein equations for a spherically symmetric body.
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Black hole near the exit hole in the White

black holeUnited State theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski of Indiana University is the father of a theoretical model in which our universe is inside a giant black hole, located in a super-great universe.
The model for the postulate Poplawski taken the assumption that black holes – are the entrances to the wormholes Einstein – Rosen, that is, the tunnels that connect the different parts of the four-dimensional space-time. The model shows that under these initial conditions, the black hole is connected to the other end of the tunnel from the White Hole, its own antithesis, that is such an object. In which it is impossible to get. Within the wormhole there, according to the conclusions derived from the model Poplawski, the phenomenon of constant expansion.
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