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Black Death over Europe

Death plaguIn 1347 began the second and most terrible plague in the invasion of Europe. Three years, the disease was raging in the Old World, and took with him to the grave in a total of 75 million lives. Black Death it was called the invasion of black rats in a short period managed to bring this terrible epidemic on the vast continent.

In the previous chapter, we talked about one version of its distribution, but some scientists, doctors believe that she probably conceived in the warm southern countries. Here climate itself contributed to the rapid decay of meat products, vegetables, fruits, and just debris, in which delved beggars, stray dogs and, of course, rats. Read the rest of this entry »

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London originate the burials of the Black Death

DeathIn the London epidemic dumping found the Black Death for laying high-speed train line, says `Bi-Bi-Si.`The bodies were found in a mine tunnel when laying in Charter house Square.

The first remains found two weeks ago. As of March 15, out of the land was recovered 13 bodies, excavations at the burial site continues. Found nearby pottery indicate that the bodies were buried in the middle of the XIV century.
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