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A black hole in Guatemala

black, holeIn Guatemala, in the central part of the capital, formed an unimaginably large failure. In an almost perfectly smooth funnel shape with a diameter of almost 30 meters and a depth of more than sixty meters failed completely three-story house. While there is information about a lost man.

According to scientists, the appearance of a huge hole – the result of tropical cyclone “Agatha”, which has caused landslides and flooding? Poor drainage system, apparently, could not stand the excessive load. Guatemala is not the first time confronted with a similar phenomenon – 3 years ago, a similar hole swallowed once 3 buildings.

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The catastrophe of the Black Sea

Black , SeaAll lotsiyah and atlases indicate that the average depth of 1300 meters of the Black Sea. From the surface to the bottom of the basin of the sea is really an average of nearly a mile, but what we are accustomed to regard the sea has a depth which is several times less, about 100 meters. Below is hidden lifeless and deadly poisonous abyss. This discovery made the Russian oceanographic expedition in 1890. Measurements showed that the sea is almost entirely filled with dissolved hydrogen sulfide, a poisonous gas with a smell of rotten eggs. At the center of Sea hydrogen sulphide zone closer to the surface about 50 meters closer to the shores of the depth, where we start starved zone is increased to 300 meters. In this sense, the Black Sea is unique; it is only in the world without a solid bottom.
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Adventure holidays in the Black Sea pearl Anapa

Black, Sea, pearl ,AnapaThe town of Anapa is located on the Black Sea coast, in the place where there are Kuban Pryazovs’ka lowlands and mountains of the Greater Caucasus.

The first settlement on the site of Anapa dates back 25 centuries ago. It was built by the ancient town Sindica, which in IV-III century BC attached to the Bosporus state.

In the Middle Ages to the area near Anapa found refuge Genoese merchants, their settlement was named Maria. Shortly thereafter, the town passed under the authority of the Ottoman Empire. In the late 18 th century it was annexed to the Russian Empire, and since then it was called Adyghe name Anapa.
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The bottom of the sea in Crimea have found the legendary “Black Prince”

Black ,PrinceIn Crimea have found the wreckage of the British frigate ship “Black Prince“, which was carrying a million pounds in gold. As the proua, archaeologists found fragments of the ship on the seabed near Balaklava.

Ship searched in vain for a hundred and fifty years, looking for him spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. In Kiev fortress among the millennial amphorae and ancient coins are unique artifacts.

At the patch 50 to 50 meters, local divers and archaeologists have found dozens of things – most likely with the “Black Prince” cannonballs, medical utensils – a ship carrying a field hospital, part of British-made steam engine. Do not see only the legendary barrels of gold.
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