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Man bites snake to death

In an unusual case of role reversal, a man in Nepal killed a Cobra snake by biting it to death.

Mohamed Salmo Miya has been working in a rice paddy when the snake appeared and bit him. Enraged, the man chased the snake down and then decided to give it a taste of its own medicine by proceeding to bite it repeatedly until it was dead. Police have stated that he will not be charged over the attack because the snake species was not endangered. Read the rest of this entry »

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The ten most painful bites

painful bitesThe entomologist at the University of Arizona Justin. Schmidt decided in 1984 to establish a scale of suffering caused by the bites of insects, called “index of Schmidt’s pain bites.” He himself was the patient of his study.

Schmidt established a ranking of 78 species of Hymenoptera, with 147 sorted by sensations of pain in a measure from zero to 4. Zero is for the insect bite that can not penetrate the skin. These are the ten most painful, with feelings and explanations of the expert:-

1. Bullet Ant

-A pure pain, intense and brilliant.

Like walking on hot coals-incasdencentes with three-inch rusty nails piercing the ankle.

-Scale: 4.0 + level.
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