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17 billion planets similar to earth!

GalaxyThe vast expanses of our galaxy located 17 billion planets that are comparable in size to the globe Earth and the Earth with almost a similar location in the star system. This was officially stated in the reports of scholars, astrophysicists from the American Center for Astrophysics at Harvard Smith.

“Our conclusions about the existence of 17 billion Earth-like planets are the results of analyzes of the data that came with a high-sensitivity NASA satellite, called” Kepler “- said today the British radio station correspondents” Bi-bi-si “, quoting astrophysicists Francois Fresina, that leads a group of scientists involved in this research.
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100 billion planets of our Galaxy

planetsObservatory “Kepler“, prepared with a powerful super-sensitive photometer can at the same time observe more than 100,000 stars, and will be watching them for 3.5 years. The presence of a planet near the star is determined by periodic changes in the brightness of the latter entailed by transit – the passage of a planet in front of a star.

The study and the “counting” of planets in our galaxy, attended by scientists from the California Institute of Technology Caltech.
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Billion of alien planets of our galaxy

Billion of alien planetsOur galaxy is home to at billion of alien planets, and perhaps many more, a new study suggests. The Kepler-32 planets orbit an M dwarf, a type of star that is smaller and cooler than our sun. M dwarfs are the most common star in the Milky Way, accounting for about 75 percent of the galaxy’s 100 billion or so stars, researchers said.

Further, the five Kepler-32 worlds are similar in size to Earth and orbit quite close to their parent star, making them typical of the planets Kepler has spotted around other M dwarfs. So the Kepler-32 system should be representative of many of the galaxy’s planets, scientists said.
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