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The scientists presented evidence that Bigfoot exists!

BigfootThe researchers claim that they have evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. Genome Project Genome Bigfoot was launched in February of this year. Even then, researchers who have at their disposal the DNA so-called Bigfoot after spending study of 111 samples of hair, blood, skin and other tissues, presumably belonging to the this contentious essentially declared that they do not have the slightest doubt that the elusive Yeti – the real thing. project team, headed by geneticist Dr. Melba Ketchum, consists of a number of forensic experts. The study, which had invested $ 500,000, funded by businessman Adrian Erickson. Melba Ketchum and her colleagues had hoped that the scientific community will have no choice but to recognize the existence of Bigfoot, and even give a name to a new species. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top secret of Bigfoot

Bigfoot – as they call this elusive resident uninhabited places, or distant from our predecessor, or a stranger from other dimensions. Judging by the fact that the name of the creature made by representatives of many nations, it is found almost everywhere, but people see him mostly transient and accidental.

In ancient Russia illiterate peasants called him “goblin” or “master,” and ended up at him more often in the woods, and in the winter it is being could move closer to people’s houses to find something to eat and sleep in a relatively warm place uninhabited – in the bath, in the loft or attic.
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