Huge collider found in space

UFOThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful particle accelerator, there was a space competitor of natural origin. Protons trapped gravity of two massive stars, dispersed in the natural accelerator to energies that are comparable and sometimes exceed, the proton energy, is dispersed LHC.
Two stars, one of the most massive stars known to man, form a star system Eta Carinae (Eta Carinae), located at a distance of 7500 light years from Earth. These massive stars eject into space a lot of energy and matter, for the week Eta Carinae throws a matter of mass equivalent to the mass of Earth.
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The Big Collider ready to receive “God particle”

ColliderThe Large Hadron Collider started preparing for the first experiments with lead ions, with which scientists are going to achieve the conditions that prevailed in the event of the universe (after one-trillionth of a second after the Big Bang) and get the “Higgs boson” – “God particle”, which so far only theory. As the press service of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, about a week, scientists produce first collisions of lead ions, which will continue till December 6, and then everything will go away for Christmas holidays. Stopping the run until February 2011. Continue reading “The Big Collider ready to receive “God particle””

How to meet the World Wide Web?

My friends from time to time a question arises. How to get acquainted on the Internet. And I ask them to respond to the question. And why? Well as why. Because so many services and projects -. I, for instance, very much like Mobile Information, as there is everything have been thought or – this project is one of the oldest and most experienced and the base of a man with one of the vastest online.
Why learn to network when you can in real life, seeing a beautiful girl to approach quietly to her, try to meet and start a conversation.
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A Trojan asteroid, following the Neptune

Trojan, asteroidAccording to the researchers, on Thursday was a Trojan asteroid, the next beyond Neptune in its orbit around the sun. Trojan asteroid 62 kilometers in diameter, called 2008LC18, was discovered when astronomers tried to consider whether the so-called asteroids around the Lagrange point L5 around Neptune. Trojan asteroids – asteroids caught in the “dead zone”, where the gravitational pull of two large bodies such as planets and the Sun, the same way. This allows the object to be dragged in at the same speed at which the planet moves in its orbit around the Sun.
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Big Bang- interesting facts

Big, BangThe event, which created our universe, and we called the Big Bang is not just once or twice referred to the web and excites minds of mankind. We offer a few interesting facts that will be superfluous to find out.
1. Big Bang Theory created priest
Despite the fact that the Christian faith is still kept these canons, as the creation of everything in the last 7 days, the Big Bang theory was developed by a Catholic priest, who was also a physicist and astronomer. Priest named Georges Lemaitre. He called his theory “gipotezisom primeval atom”, and he also proposed a theory of the expanding universe.
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