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Big Bang- interesting facts

Big, BangThe event, which created our universe, and we called the Big Bang is not just once or twice referred to the web and excites minds of mankind. We offer a few interesting facts that will be superfluous to find out.
1. Big Bang Theory created priest
Despite the fact that the Christian faith is still kept these canons, as the creation of everything in the last 7 days, the Big Bang theory was developed by a Catholic priest, who was also a physicist and astronomer. Priest named Georges Lemaitre. He called his theory “gipotezisom primeval atom”, and he also proposed a theory of the expanding universe.
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March 30 at the collider will reproduce the situation of the Big Bang

Big ,BangThe Scientists hope that for 30 March, they will begin collision of beams of protons circulating in the 27-kilometer tunnel of the Large Hadrons Collider (LHC) – the world’s largest particle accelerator. BAC is located near Geneva at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).

As said in a statement distributed by CERN, after the proton energy, moving around the ring collider, located at 100 meters depth on the border of Switzerland and France, was increased to a record in 7 teraelectronvolt (TeV), was determined by the start date of the research program. For the sake of it, in fact, created the LHC worth 10 billion Swiss francs ($ 9 billion).
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