Mega city on the Atlantic Ocean – Atlantis?

ancient cityMany years ago the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cuba with deep robot and confirmed the existing hypothesis that at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle is a mystical ancient city of gargantuan proportions.

According to the scientists involved in this research, found off the coast of Cuba’s underwater ruins of the ancient city, located 600 feet below sea level. Scientists have speculated that Atlantis at least 10,000 years.
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Bermuda Triangle found the underwater lost city

Underwater cityUnderwater city found in the Bermuda triangle Canadian scientists. Researchers believe they have found traces of the legendary Atlantis.

A team of researchers led by Paul and Pauline found by underwater robot ruins, located about 700 m north of the eastern coast of Cuba. Made underwater vehicle images indicate that at the bottom of the sea are monumental buildings.
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Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

TriangleThe Bermuda triangle formed by the conventional three-point connection: southern tip of Florida, Bermuda and the islands of Puerto Rico. This is a mysterious place in the Atlantic Ocean known for numerous disappearances of ships are often seen and the Flying Dutchman ghost ship.

Sometimes finding the remains of ships and aircraft, but the causes of accidents and crashes remain a mystery. There is only one indisputable fact – in the area Sargasso Sea is the largest number of shipwrecks.
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Bermuda Triangle Cursed

Bermunda, TriangleAtlantic Ocean located off the coast of south-eastern U.S., where it seems that an invisible pen has drawn in the sea a triangle whose angles are: the archipelago Bermuda, southern Florida, and the area south of the Bahamas.The 360 islands of the archipelago of Bermuda reefs are named after the navigator Juan Bermudez, who discovered it in 1510.
In 1684 they were ceded to the “Bermuda Company” in London and are now a semi-autonomous colony of the United States. In this area, so far, hundreds of planes and boats have disappeared with their crews (over 1,000), and as if that was not enough we have never found or shipwreck, or scrap of aircraft, let alone human remains. The sea has never visited.
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Mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda ,TriangleThe Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the United States. Inside and near the area bounded by an imaginary line that connects Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico – A triangle with sides of about 2000 km each – a considerable Nombe boat and aircraft have disappeared in circumstances to say the least mysterious.
The sky glowed with stars, and the DC-3 was preparing to land at Miami airport. The flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, was progressing well. The city lights were already visible. Suddenly, communications between the control tower and the aircraft broke off. Almost immediately, a massive search operation was unleashed. The weather was ideal, high visibility, but the DC-3 and its crew no trace. Disappeared into nothingness, at the dawn of 28 December 1948. Continue reading “Mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle”

The island of Bermuda and a little green

Island, BermudaWhat keeps the secrets of a small piece of land next to the big city. While Rostov experts on UFOs and the paranormal puzzled over phenomenon de Sales, directly from them at hand, within the boundaries of the regional capital, was lying area, comparable perhaps to degree of abnormality, not only with the infamous de Sales, but even with the famous M-sky triangle.

What is the official name of this zone will (if it gets!), It is not clear. But most of all – something like – under the name of a small island in the middle of the Don, which became the focus of mysterious and unexplained phenomena.
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The atmosphere of UFOs and the Bermuda Triangle

UFOs,Bermuda, TriangleLet’s try to follow certain processes that occur in the atmosphere, on and under the water and in some cases led, in our opinion, a catastrophe in these environments.
Watching the storm clouds, we see sometimes constantly scurrying across the sky, lightning and hear the ominous rumble of thunder. But when otgremit thunder and rain will end, lightning may continue to bright flashes of light clouds on the horizon. Thunder can be heard at the same time. Why is this happening?
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The bottom of the Bermuda Triangle found the second pyramid of Cheops

Bermuda, TriangleUnderwater Archaeology – calling special. The invention of the aqualung allowed the researchers to conduct the excavation of the past and reconnaissance. Archaeologists have gone under the water about 100 years ago and now have earned universal recognition. As the leading foreign institutions, even appeared qualification – an underwater archaeologist. In some States, underwater archeology has become a priority in historical research. A discovery, which makes underwater archaeologists, sometimes mind-boggling.

Maybe they will solve the mystery of another ancient pyramid found at this time in China. Stepped pyramid found on the bottom of the lake Fusyan (south-western Yunnan province).
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Geography of Bermuda Triangle

The vertices of the triangle (see map) are Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida (or southern cape of Florida). However, these boundaries are not considered too punctually. Proponents of the existence of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle is well aware that in this case is excluded from its limits a very important area of water north of Cuba and Haiti. Therefore, the triangle in different ways correct: some acceding part of the Gulf of Mexico or even the entire bay completely, others – the northern part of the Caribbean Sea.
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