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Green tea can bring the body not only benefit

TeaGreen tea is good for health. But recent scientific findings suggest that it is not always the case.
Experts from the United States found that some components of green tea may be difficult to influence the structure of the bones.

An experiment was conducted on laboratory mice. Rodents within 6 weeks were given green tea extract. As a result, bone mass they have decreased significantly compared to the control group of rodents.
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Why do we need faith in Allah?

AllahThe agnostics, it is not necessary to be a believer to be a good person. They may say that the parents brought their highly moral people, and for this they did not need faith in Allah. Also, they bring and their children.
Should I do this because the conclusion that belief in Allah is needed only to be a moral person? Of course not. Many non-believers try to live according to conscience, and are good people. Conscience of every person, no matter a person believes in Allah or not. Simply, there are people who listen to the voice of conscience, and who ignore her voice.

Not uncommon when people reach a compromise with his conscience. Typically, this occurs in the face of fear of people, from the views which people depend. And now, here faith in Allah, or rather, a good knowledge of the principles of Allah, may be an additional force is not to compromise.
Belief in Allah may be prompting the force to do good when no one about it and not ask. Read the rest of this entry »

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