2012 – the end or the beginning?

End worldLife and world what 2012? What does it mean for you to this date? date replicated as a possible end of the world. In the heat of sensationalism, many media “forgot” that there are other predictions – just the opposite: the spiritual and moral regeneration, building a harmonious society, the basis of which lies belief in the divinity of the world, respect for our common home – the Earth, the understanding of the tasks that the Creator has put in front of every man and humanity in general.

The possibility of such a transformation in the society said Paracelsus, Zoroaster, Handel, Edgar Cayce, Jane Dixon, Alice Bailey, a monk Abel, Seraphim of Sarov, the Rev. Laurence of Chernigov and other predictors Some call this time – Golden Age (or Golden Goals).
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