Beach located inland in Asturias

AsturiasGulpiyuri beach is relatively isolated, so it is preserved almost intact. Gulpiyuri is a beach that curiously, is inland among green meadows. The explanation is that in a coastline of cliffs of karst origin, the sea was able to dig a cave inward while a collapse (as a sinkhole) left a hole 100 meters from the coast and connected with the sea.

The cave, then connected with the sand and the “interior beach” which is also an enviable beauty.
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Ukrainian Miami Beach …

BeachYoung secretary and buhgaltershi older hung on the desktop of the computer picture with romantic views of the sea. Such findings have made the American sociologists after a thorough investigation…
Zatoka that close to the glorious Odessa, Ukrainian is called Miami Beach ..
Here we can walk into some bathing suits and swimming trunks all day though – the climate and manners in Zatoke most that is democratic. A beach is so close that the concept of “second-third line,” just loses all meaning. In Zatoke all necessary and interesting, without exception, on the first line of the surf … Continue reading “Ukrainian Miami Beach …”