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The mysterious of the Battle of Borodino

BorodinoWhat is the question? Is it not written in textbooks even Yermolov words: The French army was smashed against the Russian? That we defeated Napoleon, but he is not us! All this, of course. But if you look not only to the textbook, but also, for example, on the Internet, we can see how different information found there.

Do not match the data on the number of troops stationed on the battlefield, and even in the notes to witnesses of the battle, there are serious discrepancies.

For example, there is evidence that Napoleon at Borodino had 135,000 soldiers, while Kutuzov – 120. But other figures: the French – 133.8, Russian – 154.8 thousand people. And what true? And in the same number includes 11,000 Cossacks and 28.5 thousand militiamen

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Mayan hieroglyphs disclose the secrets of the ancient Battle of Kings

MayaA stone stele with an explanation of the ancient battle for power found in the jungles of Guatemala, in the tunnel connecting the tomb of an ancient Mayan temple of Queen. Archaeologists were able to read the description of the battles those 1500 years.

Stella is about 2 meters high and 1 meter wide, and the whole painted with Mayan hieroglyphics and enclosed with drawings carved in stone. The text on the monument tells of the exploits of ancient heroes which lasted for seven years war between two dynasties for power in the ancient Mayan kingdom. Read the rest of this entry »

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