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Vatican’s secret history of Azerbaijan

“In secret documents brought to Azerbaijan from the Vatican, there is such information, which hitherto was not mentioned in the history of Azerbaijan. Just now, it is under investigation. It would therefore be premature to say anything wrong. ” This is APA head of department of translation and Information Institute of Manuscripts of ANAS Farid Alekberli.

 He said that most of the letters from the secret archives are letters of the Popes sent rulers who ruled Azerbaijan: “There are also letters and responses. Most of the letters are letters sent by the rulers of the Safavid dynasty. However, there are also letters addressed to other rulers of Azerbaijan- Elkhanids, ATABEKOV. But most of the letters are addressed to Safavi, Afshar, Qajar. From letters to the rulers of the Safavid dynasty, the majority addressed Tahmasib Shah and Shah Abbas. Read the rest of this entry »

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