The myths of Australian aborigines

aboriginesA long time ago, in the distant past dreams, big red egg flew out of heaven. It wanted to calm down, but it did not work, and from the ground bounce the egg split. From it emerged white-skinned heroes and their children. The heroes soon died, whether from old age, or because they could not breathe the local air.

But the children were young, they were able to adapt well to the new environment and therefore survived. To perpetuate the memory of their parents, the children of heroes began carving and paint on the walls of caves of their image. The remains of a big red eggs were destroyed, and eventually rusted so that mingled with the earth, which is in central Australia because of this still red. Continue reading “The myths of Australian aborigines”

Australian authorities secretly destroyed koalas last two years

 Australian koalasThe authorities of the Australian state of Victoria recent years secretly destroying the koalas. Nearly 700 animals died during the program to reduce their numbers. Such data are voiced by State Minister for the Environment Lisa Neville, reports ABC. The Minister explained that koalas secretly put to sleep under the program adopted by the previous Liberal government of the state in 2013-2014. Late last year, the Labour Party won the election. Destroyed animals that inhabited the area in the west of Cape Outvey Victoria.

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The teenager was forced to drink a liquid lens and their urine

Australian desertEighteen year old Briton lost during sports jogging. For three days, passed in heat waves, the teenager was forced to drink a liquid lens and their urine, to die from dehydration.

Sam Derry went for a run on Tuesday morning. The young man from Europe recently got a job mate on a farm near the Australian city of Long reach. Derry got lost while running in woodland. He came out of the thicket into the wilderness, and went in obviously the wrong direction.
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