Nimbin-the mythology of Australia

Nimbin – just a small town in northern New South Wales, he is one of the most important places in the mythology of Australia. His name he has inherited from the legendary Niimbundzhi, powerful shaman, who possessed supernatural abilities, and become famous thanks to the mystical ability to heal.
Not far from Nimbina is a source of energy, to which come all who want to become a shaman. Here they pass the test, acquire knowledge and learn to communicate with spirits – these skills allow them to continue to take a leading position in his tribe.
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Under the sands of Australia found the river

RIVER, Under, sandsSystem of ancient rivers and streams, hidden by a millimeter with a layer of sand in the Simpson Desert, experts studied the Australian National University and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

“The ancient pools of local rivers formed about 50 million years ago during the humid climate of the late Cretaceous and early Tertiary periods,” – says in the pages of Australian Journal of Earth Sciences Professor Michael Hutchinson.
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