The Samara region found the legendary Atlantis

 AtlantisSamarets Anatoly Gulkov was in the expedition on board the research vessel “Vityaz”, who took part in the search for the lost Atlantis. According to the researcher’s expedition was able to track down the mysterious continent

Seventh mythical continent of Atlantis where just not looking at the time! And in Africa, and the Americas, and even Antarctica! But only at the end of XX century, the range searching by various studies oceanographers and paleontologists many countries narrowed to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. And the most curious discovery made by Soviet scientists.
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Ruins of Atlantis off the coast of Africa?

Ruins, AtlantisScuba rectangular building measuring approximately, with Wales was seen on Google Earth.
Not far from the Canary Islands, about 997 kilometers from north-west coast of Africa were found rather strange formation of intersecting lines. Coordinates finds – 15’15 .53 N, 24 15’30 .53 W longitude. Formation was observed aviation engineer, who said that it resembled “air card” of the city.
Recently, it was suggested that the unusual segment of the seabed may conceal the location of the legendary Atlantis, described the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. According to his testimony, the island sank after its residents tried to conquer Athens about 9000 BC.
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The Americans have found Atlantis

When famous American paleontologists Dan Clark in 1998, declared, as if found remnants of an ancient civilization near Cuba, it raised a laugh. However, only three years the Canadian expedition found in the Gulf Guineas bibs, in the western part of Cuba, the ruins of an underwater city, whose age – more than 8000 years. After that, Clark almost a decade searching for money for the expedition. Finally got hold of and dug up such that he was frightened.

Find Dan Clark confirmed fairly common version of Atlantis as a complex civilization with many located throughout the world points.
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Mysterious World: Modern Ireland – is the legendary Atlantis?

Modern Ireland – is the legendary sunken Atlantis. With such a hypothesis was made by a Swedish scientist-geographer Ulf Erlingsson.

As in 360 BC. e. wrote the Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was a huge island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where about 11.5 thousand years ago has blossomed oldest civilization on Earth. But then some kind of universal scale disaster plunged the island into an abyss of waters, and he disappeared forever.
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Mysterious World: Shells and dishes reveal the secret of Atlantis

AtlantisThe legend of the mysterious Atlantis, which is suddenly engulfed in the sea, apparently, is not an artistic exaggeration.

New findings on the island of Crete showed that the ancient civilization was subjected to approximately the same hit, which is

Legend of Atlantis – the mysterious state, which has swallowed the sea, may be more than just a myth today killed a quarter of a million people.
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