The exact location of Atlantis

Atlantis has not disappeared, it is lies in the depths of the sea. On Atlantis, a lot has been said, written thousands of research papers. Historians, archaeologists seekers invited fifty versions of possible locations around the world but the exact location is not named. Why the confusion? Beginning to understand, discover a pattern that all proposals… Read more The exact location of Atlantis

Haarp time of atlantic?

In the age of discovery sailors from spain, portugal, holland and england, returning from distant voyages, told many incredible stories about the wonders of the pacific islands. People scientists usually consider such stories ordinary sailor’s tales. Not many believed the history of spanish captain alvaro saavedra, who in 1529 told about the wonderful island of… Read more Haarp time of atlantic?

The lost city of Atlantis

It was a bountiful land, blessed by lush vegetation and the existence of valuable mineral deposits, including gold and silver. His people enjoyed a high scientific and cultural level. The name of that fabulous kingdom and its great city is Atlantis. The only description of Atlantis has left us is the work of the ancient… Read more The lost city of Atlantis

The rise of Atlantis

The diviner and healer Edgar Cayce American (1877-1945) in June 1940 prophesied that Atlantis would reappear soon Poseidia be one of the first areas of Atlantis they resurface. Expected to occur in 68 or 69.’s Not much. He even realize the site: in the Bahamas. By an extraordinary coincidence, some aviators in 1968 photographed what… Read more The rise of Atlantis

Repository of Atlantis

Famous American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce claimed that some of the people who left Atlantis settled in Egypt. There, according to his hypothesis, stores the history of this vanished country. Atlanteans allegedly transferred to Egypt copies of all public documents and hid them in the Annals of the Hall – a small pyramid, located between the… Read more Repository of Atlantis

Magical laws of Atlantis

What we now call the laws of magic – the seven principles used by the Atlantes in their practical life. 1. Principle of Mentalism: Having understood the principle, it is possible to get an idea about the cause of the creation of man. He tool, which is used by God for the materialization of the… Read more Magical laws of Atlantis

Found evidence of the lost continent of Atlantis in Brazil

They have found evidence of the lost continent of Atlantis in Brazil Brazilian geologists said Monday the amazing discovery of what could be part of a lost continent submerged in the Ocean Formed Atlantic bet ween Africa and South America 100 million years ago. According to the media, a large mass of granite was found… Read more Found evidence of the lost continent of Atlantis in Brazil