Britainis ready to evict the residents of the island in the Atlantic for the U.S.military bases

the islandUnder the threat of eviction were residents of the island of Ascension. According to the newspaper The Guardian, relocate were at the point where the U.S.military is planning to build a new facility.Ascension Islandis located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and South America. This volcanic island is part of the British overseas territories. Part of the area since the mid XX century, used by the U.S. Army.Ascension Island located radars, airport hangars and repair submarines. In recent years the indigenous population of the island was reduced by almost a quarter. Now residents of only 800 people. Continue reading “Britainis ready to evict the residents of the island in the Atlantic for the U.S.military bases”

Mega city on the Atlantic Ocean – Atlantis?

ancient cityMany years ago the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Cuba with deep robot and confirmed the existing hypothesis that at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle is a mystical ancient city of gargantuan proportions.

According to the scientists involved in this research, found off the coast of Cuba’s underwater ruins of the ancient city, located 600 feet below sea level. Scientists have speculated that Atlantis at least 10,000 years.
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The memory is recorded in legends and myths

oceanThe tradition of a great flood, as explained in the Bible, is also shared by the Sumerian traditions, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, in different cultures of the Mediterranean, and American cultures in the India and China. The stories of a great flood and survival, by building a ship, of people chosen by the gods, spread to Asia through the great caravan routes. But it is difficult to explain the similarity between the ancient Celtic legends and Norwegian. Even more difficult to explain that the American Indians of the New World have their own legends about the flood, which states that their salvation was due to their new land came sailing from the East.
Hence, by studying these legends, there is a clear and surprising fact: all cultures seem to tell the same story. It is natural that the Mediterranean peoples have preserved a tradition about a common disaster, but how the Indians would have reached the American continents to know and have almost identical captions? Continue reading “The memory is recorded in legends and myths”

Antarctic ice found pool size of a small country

Scientists in Antarctica have discovered an ancient sea bottom at a depth of two kilometers, and if the ice shelves, “holding up” lying on the ice it will start to melt quickly, a huge layer of ice could slide into the ocean and raise the water level, according to an article published in the journal Nature Geo-science.
Results of the study were obtained on the basis of the joint work of experts from the British National Center for Antarctic Studies (BAS), University of Aberdeen, Exeter and York. British polar explorers have made with the help of radar ice-map to little known part of the mainland adjacent to the Weddell Sea (West Antarctica) and found that there is hidden pool size of a small country in Europe (an area of about 20,000 square kilometers). Its depth in some places up to two kilometers.
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Bermuda Triangle Cursed

Bermunda, TriangleAtlantic Ocean located off the coast of south-eastern U.S., where it seems that an invisible pen has drawn in the sea a triangle whose angles are: the archipelago Bermuda, southern Florida, and the area south of the Bahamas.The 360 islands of the archipelago of Bermuda reefs are named after the navigator Juan Bermudez, who discovered it in 1510.
In 1684 they were ceded to the “Bermuda Company” in London and are now a semi-autonomous colony of the United States. In this area, so far, hundreds of planes and boats have disappeared with their crews (over 1,000), and as if that was not enough we have never found or shipwreck, or scrap of aircraft, let alone human remains. The sea has never visited.
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Mapping Ancient

Mapping, Ancient1492 we are on a caravel sailing on the Atlantic’s cabin in a man, his features stern and strong-minded, for the umpteenth time studying the map in his control. This man was Christopher Columbus in a few days and he go down in history as the originator of America. He knows that his men are beginning to be exasperated by the continuous navigation in an ocean that seems endless, but according to the cards in his possession, partly inherited from his father in law, it would seem that the journey’s end is near.
It is almost too sure these cards, if anachronistic for the time, indicants places and lands never seen before (or at least that’s what we assumed), are not misleading and to give courage he reads the letter from his friend Toscanelli, cartographer of the time (which was submitted, before Columbus, the same project to the King of Portugal) who advised him during his journey to stop in the islands he called up Antilles, demonstrating believe firmly.
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Golden Legend of Atlantis

AtlantisThe legendary Atlantis on the seabed near the island of Cyprus, where the foam came from the goddess of love Aphrodite, the scientific world reacted with a smile of disbelief. And, as it soon became clear, mysterious circles appeared to be well-known natural formation. How many of these pseudo-Atlantis was revealed to the world! For 25 centuries of bitter controversy “atlantomanov” with “atlantofobami” was published nearly three billion pages. It’s a hundred million times more than what the author wrote the captivating myth of Plato, “who died in a terrible day, and one fateful night,” the country. Where only traces of’re looking for sunken continent: South America, Egypt, Greece, on Easter Island and even the North Pole. Hypotheses superimposed on the hypothesis on shaky ground speculation grew ephemeral, sometimes not without charm, a house of cards. The spread of “hits” on the map of the cerebral hemispheres leads one to suspect that the “shooting” is still blind. Continue reading “Golden Legend of Atlantis”

Atlantis had a few?

The last disaster, which predict for the islands of Japan. It may happen a few more of the same earthquake, and Japan may withdraw completely under water. Predict that because of the process shift the earth’s crust can come to the surface of sunken Atlantis, which is found in the vicinity of Bermuda. The very first mention of the mysterious continent was made by Plato about 2.5 thousand years ago. Even though mainstream science does not support the hypothesis that such a continent as Atlantis existed, yet there is some evidence that this civilization was. Plato was not the only ancient scientist who mentioned the legendary continent of Atlantis. In the 4th century. BC learned historian Theopompus also told about the mainland, who inhabited the race of giants. Geographer Marcel was told about a dozen islands of the continent, which were the names of the gods, and they were visited. Map of Atlantis was first compiled and published in special editions German A. Kircher in the 17th century. Also in the 17th century and began the search for a mysterious civilization. Continue reading “Atlantis had a few?”

Atlantis off the coast of Africa

The Canary Islands, located about 997 km from north-west coast of Africa have recently been found very strange underwater formation of intersecting lines. The coordinates of the findings – 15’15 .53 N, 24 15’30 .53 W longitude. Observed formation was an aeronautical engineer, who noted the similarity of findings with the “air card” of the city. Not so long ago it was suggested that this very mysterious segment of the seabed could be the ruins of the legendary Atlantis , which was first described by Greek philosopher Plato. Around 9000 BC, after the islanders tried to capture Athens, according to the testimony of Plato, the island sank. Continue reading “Atlantis off the coast of Africa”

The legendary Atlantis

Atlantis! We do not yet know, however, researchers have found another ancient city. In his literary works, “Timaeus” and “Critias”, Plato mentions the island-state of Atlantis, a rich prosperous country destroyed by natural disaster in one day and immersed in the water.
“After all, according to our records, the government put an end to your arrogance of countless military forces going to the conquest of the whole of Europe and Asia, and kept the way from the Atlantic sea. Across the sea in those days it was possible to cross, because there was still an island which lay before the strait which is called in your language Pillars of Hercules. Continue reading “The legendary Atlantis”