Eight astronomical mysteries

World exists about 13.7 billion years, but there are still many mysteries that still can not solve humanity. Science magazine named the most problematic secrets according to astronomers. Dark energy is supposed that dark energy – a mysterious force that causes space to grow with ever-increasing speed. This term is used by astronomers to explain… Read more Eight astronomical mysteries

The Mayan astronomical computer

The Mayan priest’s astronomers used a computer to perform complex visual astronomical calculations easily and accurately. His observations were recorded in hieroglyphic books, where tables were developed for predictions. Three books – The codices of Dresden, Paris and Madrid- containing such tables, with explanations and applications.

An Ancient Knowledge-Astronomy

The ancient civilizations can often embarrass scientists “orthodox”, which are found more often in front of the elements and evidence seem to indicate that reports of “cultural kin” individuals even among peoples separated by mountains or oceans, often to the point that no civilization can be accurately indicated as “original source” for these extraordinary likelihoods.… Read more An Ancient Knowledge-Astronomy