Watching the universe, astronomers closer death

Watching UniverseThe knowledge force at least as commonly believed. According to two American physicists, comprehensive knowledge can inadvertently start the process of destroying the universe. Scientific theory suggests that we may be approaching death of the universe, just studying it.

Lawrence Krauss of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and his colleague James Dent argue that because of the destruction of the universe astronomers has accelerated in the last two decades. Continue reading “Watching the universe, astronomers closer death”

Astronomers discovered the largest known population of globular star clusters

StartNASA Hubble discovered the largest of all the currently known population of globular star clusters, containing about 160,000 stars orbiting around the center of Abell 1689 galaxy cluster in the constellation Virgo. An international team of researchers used the camera Advanced Camera for Surveys telescope Hubble for a detailed study detected a population that is characterized by an unprecedented density. Scientists suggest that such a compact location of stars in the star cluster may indicate the presence of a huge amount of dark matter. According to Karla Alamo-Martinez of the Center for Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics, functioning at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in the course of the research he and his colleagues were able to identify the relationship between the globular clusters and dark matter, that is, as the distance from the center of the galactic star cluster affects amount of dark matter. Continue reading “Astronomers discovered the largest known population of globular star clusters”

Astronomers have spotted a giant UFO near the Sun

UFO near the Sun

The Sun, recently found next to the star strange objects. In the video posted on the Internet show how various unidentified flying objects near the luminary. One thus depart from it, others fly into.

UFO footage – not some amateur, and made with the help of NASA space observatories, looking for the Sun– SOHO and STEREO. Continue reading “Astronomers have spotted a giant UFO near the Sun”

Astronomers have discovered an inexplicable phenomenon

phenomenonNASA rocket ship with failed to detect the edge of the solar system and unexplainable previously unknown high-energy radiation.

Their research has shown that this phenomenon comes from the border dominance of solar radiation, the rate at which sunlight can fall lower than the speed of sound.
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Last 100 years you can see the transit of Venus

The Earth on the night of Wednesday, June 6, will be able to witness the rare astronomical phenomenon – the transit of Venus across the solar disk, which will occur again only in 2117.

Astronomers of the past, watching the black “hole” of Venus, was moving against the background of the solar disk, were able to calculate the distance from Earth to the sun, get the first data about the atmosphere of Venus. Modern scholars through this event will be able to refine search techniques of planets around other stars and the signs of life on them.
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Astronomers hope to find planets like Earth

EarthAmerican astronomers declare their chances of discovering Earth-like planets outside our solar system have increased dramatically. According to them, to help in this shall be a new discovery.
Experts at Pennsylvania State University recorded an unusually strong radio signals from the cold brown dwarf, which is included in the constellation Leo.
To detect such objects because of the low surface temperature is only possible with the help of telescopes, and their size is often comparable to the major planets. And it was the first time. Now scientists hope that they can detect radiation from other, more dim and cool dwarf stars and even the so-called explants, and put them on a map of the sky.

Astronomers have peered inside the Moon

MoonJapanese probe “Kaguya” found on the Moon olivine – containing magnesium and iron mineral that is part of the mantle. Article researchers published in the journal Nature Geosciences.

The presence of olivine in the mantle of the Moon will enable scientists to clarify the issues of the satellite.

Most astronomers are of the opinion, if the Moon formed about 4.5 billion years ago (though not so long ago the event moved up to 120 million years into the future) in the collision of Earth with a large celestial body, which blew out a huge chunk of the young planet’s molten matter. Future Moon was covered by oceans of lava, which floated on the surface of the lungs substance solidified in the crust, heavy substance, in turn, were drowned and subsequently formed the lunar mantle (the proof of the existence of the ocean of lava were also detected by the probe “Kaguya”).
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Astronomers discuss the possibility of detecting alien

alienToday, the probability of finding life on other planets is higher than it has ever been convinced that the Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees, head of the Royal Society [British counterpart Academy of Sciences].

And such a discovery, he adds, if it occurred, would be a grand landmark in the history of mankind: it can be to change our perceptions of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.

These words from the lips of the venerable astronomer came at a time from different countries in London brings together members of the international conference which will discuss prospects for detecting extraterrestrials.

For half a century, scientists scan the heavens, hoping to find a radio signal sent by intelligent beings, but all they could hear so far – only the discharges of static electricity.
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