Scientists ponder the problem of the Crimean asteroid

 asteroidAn employee of the Crimean Observatory Gennady Borisov discovered asteroid 2013 TV135 – Preliminary calculations showed that the August 26, 2032 is a celestial body with a probability of 1 chance on 63 000 may collide with Earth. Now, scientists suggest their options to neutralize the potential threat. Scientists from the Lavochkin offered to send the asteroid probe ICA-electric propulsion Anapa – the device will update the asteroid’s orbit and properties.

The probe is equipped with electric propulsion marching, can maneuver, and after the study of one asteroid able to go to the new target. With this device you can perform accurate measurements of the asteroid’s trajectory and shot to the surface in the spectral bands to clarify the chemical composition and mass. Continue reading “Scientists ponder the problem of the Crimean asteroid”

Two asteroid flew past Earth

past EarthSped past Earth once two asteroid. (1) – 2013 EC20 – flew a distance of about 130,000 kilometers, (2) – 2013 ET – at a distance of 972 thousand kilometers from Earth. 2013 ET diameter ranges from 45 to 140 meters. In other words, the size of this celestial visitor was a 35-storey building. The object was discovered by American scientists involved in the project to find asteroids, which was named “Catalina”.

The following Saturday, that is, March 16, sweep past our planet asteroid 2013 ET11 49-160 meters in diameter, says “RIA Novosti”. The trajectory of the flight will take place from the Earth at a distance of 15 times on the moon.
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Huge asteroid will fly tonight unusually close to Earth

asteroid27000 km away from the Earth today will asteroid 45 meters. According to the experts, the chance encounter with our planet does not have.NASA experts will be on the air to comment on the flight of a celestial body.

Celestial body weight is 130 tons, and the speed – 28.1 thousand kilometers per hour. Scientists say that in the event of a collision with Earth, the destruction of the impact would be comparable to the explosion of a nuclear bomb capacity of 2.5 megatons. This is 1000 times greater than the power of the blast at Hiroshima, and is comparable with the explosion of the Tunguska meteorite.
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Asteroid 2012 DA14 flies distance from Earth

DA14Meters asteroid 2012 DA14 flies February 15, 2013 at a record close – about 27,700 miles – the distance from the Earth. Celestial body is closer to the surface of our planet than many weather satellites and communications satellites, geostationary satellites are spaced about 36 thousand kilometers.

But fear is not worth it, since its collision with Earth almost impossible, experts said the U.S. space agency NASA.
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The asteroid would hit Earth

 hit EarthScientists predict that in 10 years the planet asteroid will fly, and a new Ice Age will be on Earth in 18,000 years. New ice age on Earth will be, but not soon, said Professor, State Hydro meteorological University Valery Malinin. It will happen in 18,000 years. Earth moving toward the ice cooling. Continue reading “The asteroid would hit Earth”

Ocean of Storms on the Moon was a giant asteroid trail

OceanLunar SeaOcean of Storms on the near side of the Moon – was followed by a giant asteroid on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite, the Japanese say planetary scientists in a paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

For the person who is watching the moon with the naked eye, the moon is made of dark and light spots. The dark spots are flat lowlands, which are astronomical tradition called seas, bays, lakes, swamps and oceans.
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The asteroid has launched the Earth

The asteroidAbout 12,500 years ago, fell to Earth a large asteroid, the situation has changed as a result of the geographical poles of the planet. This is also confirmed, in particular, finds in the north of Siberia, the frozen bodies of mammoths, which remained in the stomach of undigested food.

So, they killed almost instantly due to a sudden and abrupt cooling. Well, the permafrost to step on the ground gradually, over thousands of years.
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Asteroid flew close to the Earth.

asteroid Asteroid flew close to the Earth on Monday evening flew past Earth at a distance of about 57,000 kilometers, on Tuesday morning, the planet is waiting for another “guest” – Asteroid 2012 KT42 razminetsya with the Earth at a distance of 20,000 kilometers, which is lower than the orbits of geostationary satellites.

Asteroid 2012 was discovered by KP24 on May 23. The calculations showed that in 2012 KP24 refers to a family of asteroids Apollo, whose orbits intersect the orbit of the planet and the orbit of Mars. To this type belong to about two-thirds of known asteroids, near-Earth (NEA).
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NASA offers a virtual visit to the West.

virtual Asteroid Vestal during the whole year has been the object of study of the American automatic interplanetary station Dawn. On the working orbit of this asteroid was on a research probe in August 2011, making 800 for this time turns around Vestal.
Since the space mission to study one of the largest asteroids in the main asteroid belt has been extremely fruitful, experts of the American space agency NASA decided to extend it for 70 days. Currently, automatic station had almost completed the bulk of the mission and is gradually removed from the asteroid, but completely get out of the gravitational forces of Vestal, SC “Sunrise” should only be on August 26.
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Mysterious-The asteroid Vesta

 asteroid A huge asteroid Vesta orbit since 2011, sent to Earth new images of the surface of outer body. They revealed unexpected details on the surface of a giant asteroid. “Dawn” is a project of NASA, was launched toward the asteroid belt September 27, 2007. After a few years the way, the probe closer to the most massive and the second largest body in the outer asteroid belt. In the past, received today, the pictures, the scientists were able to see some new sites. In general, images were obtained by impact craters left by the bombardment, which lasted for the past 4 billion years. Continue reading “Mysterious-The asteroid Vesta”