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Fake DNA works as a actual

Artificial, DNAThe led scientists to assess the possibility of another existence of extraterrestrial life.
Artificially produced a substance similar to DNA can store information in the same way as does the human DNA. For storage of all information in the cells of the human body responds DNA and RNA. Recently, an international group of scientists introduced synthetic molecule similar to DNA. The new molecule is called XNA.
The study, published in Science, scientists have demonstrated that the XNA can store and copy the information in the same way as does the DNA in the organism of living beings. XNA can additionally bind to DNA and RNA.
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Look for extraterrestrial artificial intelligence

intelligenceOne of the leading astronomers of the program Seti said that the search for extraterrestrial intelligence must take into account the version of the existence of “intelligent machines”.
Program to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, known by its acronym Seti, still expected to receive a signal from the biological beings from a planet similar to Earth. Worked in the project Dr. Seth Shostak believes that the probability of detecting alien artificial intelligence is higher than the chance to meet the biological life form.
Scientists involved in Seti, have long been pondering the fact that the problem of the origin of life could be solved in different ways and using different materials. In this regard, the aliens can not only look different, but on a biological level to operate a completely different way than men.
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