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Seven mysterious artifacts Hermitage

Seven wonders1. Clock Peacock

In 1777, Prince Grigory Potemkin decided to once again surprise the Empress Catherine. He chose to work English mechanic James Cox. Why it is unknown. Maybe Russian Count saw amazing things in promotional catalogs, which published the master. To send a gift to Russia, it had to be dismantled.

Disassemble something apart, but were unable to collect – some details turned either broken, or lost. And would pylilsya spectacular gift, if in 1791 Potemkin not instructed to revive the birds’ Ivan Kulibin. And the master of the highest class has done the impossible: clock went and intricate mechanism was moved. Once the clock starts ringing, alive owl in a cage.
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The most amazing ancient artifacts

ancient artifactsAccording to the interpretation of some fundamentalists, the Bible says that God created Adam and Eve a few thousand years ago. Science says that it’s just fiction, and that man a few million years, but civilization – tens of thousands of years.

But could it be that conventional science is mistaken as well as biblical history? There is plenty of archaeological evidence that the history of life on Earth can be quite different from that which we now tell the geological and anthropological texts. Read the rest of this entry »

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