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Hyperboloid Archimedes

ArchimedesKnows the story of how Archimedes discovered the law named after him, jumped out of the bath without a tunic shouting, Eureka! Is sage running down the street without outerwear, today is hard to say. But the very opening, documented, no one disputes.

But the legend of the burning of the Roman fleet is somewhat different. For sure to find out whether Archimedes burnt the Roman fleet or is it only an invention of historians now impossible. What are silent witnesses? Extant several descriptions assaults Syracuse, Archimedes during which, according to legend, the Romans burned the ships. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Roman fleet : How To Archimedes burnt ?

In 212 BC, during the Second Punic War, the Romans laid siege to the Greek city of Syracuse. Roman ships were from the shore at a distance of 300 cubits (about 150 meters), but because Archimedes constructed a catapult, firing stone cores and incendiary shells, could not harm them. But the legend tells that the great Archimedes still managed to burn the Roman tertiary.

According to the Greek historian Lucian (II century BC. E.), He used the bronze hexagonal mirror, recruited from the small rectangular mirrors. Each of them is mounted on hinges, so that the angles of rotation of mirrors can be chosen so that reflected the sun’s rays are focused at one point. According to another version, Archimedes of Syracuse helped the woman, who on his call up to the ramparts with polished copper utensils, sending the sun’s rays on Roman ships.
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