Amateur archeologists in Denmark’s largest Viking treasure trove found

In Denmark, the three lovers-archaeologists have discovered a sensational find-treasure of Germanic Iron Age (400-500 a.d.). The treasure was discovered by metal detectors southwest of Roskilde

In a clay vessel was found 1500 objects are silver rings, Roman coins and hundreds of pieces of molten silver. It weighed 3 kg – mainly silver, as well as a small amount of gold. Archaeologists Johannes Miaris Sandberg (Iohannes Miaris Sundberg), Tobias Bondesson (Tobias Bondesson) and Tommy Olesen (Tommy Olesen) passed the Treasure Museum of Copenhagen, where he will study specialists. Continue reading “Amateur archeologists in Denmark’s largest Viking treasure trove found”

Archeologists discovered cave movies

caveArchaeologists new discovered that prehistoric artists were able to express in rock art movement through the introduction of elements of the animation. The work of researchers published in the journal Antiquity.

The authors conducted a review of the rock art, known to date, and also published several specimens of previously unknown drawings of Chauvet Cave and La Baume Latron.

In 53 of 12 images of caves located in France, have been found elements of animation. The researchers divided them into three ways of movement.
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