Archaeologists have found dozens of ancient tombs

mysterious tombsArchaeologists at the water channel reconstruction and border districts of Stavropol region found dozens of ancient tombs from different periods from the Early Bronze Age to the middle Ages.

It is now investigated eight mounds where found dozens of graves of the early, middle and late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age, the Middle Ages, recorded economic systems of modern times, – said in a statement. Continue reading “Archaeologists have found dozens of ancient tombs”

Archaeologists have found the house where Jesus grew up

Archaeologists have found the houseBritish archaeologists working in the Israeli city of Nazareth, finished exploring the area where, in their opinion, spent the first years of life, Jesus Christ. As a result of complex excavations, which lasted almost nine years, scientists have been able to find a house where probably grew Savior.About where should look for home of Mary and Joseph, various researchers wrote in the late XIX century, but until 2006 to test their assumption no one dared. British scientist Ken Dark at the University of Reading, published in the latest issue of the journal Biblical Archeology Review article on the search for the house of Jesus, providing publishing photographs from the scene recently completed excavations. Continue reading “Archaeologists have found the house where Jesus grew up”

Archaeologists have exposed a 4,000 year old tomb

old tombThe Ministry of Antiquities reported that the Spanish team of archaeologists discovered a large tomb of Pharaoh. 

Judging by her look, the tomb was probably built, or to a member of the royal family, or to a senior statesman. Also, the ministry reported that by all indications, the tomb was created about 4,000 years ago and belonged to the leader of the 11th dynasty of Egyptian Luxor. Continue reading “Archaeologists have exposed a 4,000 year old tomb”

Archaeologists have discovered progenitor tablet computers

 tablet computersA group of Turkish archaeologists engaged in excavations near the Bosphorus Strait and found incomprehensible wooden object age about 1,200 years. After careful study it, scientists have concluded that this wooden box is the equivalent of modern tablet PCs.

Discovery portal published an article about the amazing discovery of Turkish archaeologists, as well as a snapshot of the detected devices. Byzantine gadget, as it is jokingly dubbed journalists is both a notebook and a useful tool. Continue reading “Archaeologists have discovered progenitor tablet computers”

British archaeologists ready for the opening of a lead coffin

coffinScientists archaeological center in Warwickshire in the UK, has newly received a lead coffin, which is distinct in the age of 1700 years, had ready for his autopsy. According to the Tamworth Herald, the coffin was found at the end of October 2013, six miles from Tamworth in Stafford shire. Presumably, there are the leftovers of a Roman child, who died in III-VI century BC. Autopsy coffin is predictable to be made within the next week. Previously, scientists with an endoscope through a crack in the coffin inspected it from the inside, having ascertain that it is filled with clayey silt. The researchers expect to produce accurate opening of the coffin and take away the remains of a child without damaging them. Continue reading “British archaeologists ready for the opening of a lead coffin”

Czech archaeologists have found in the sands of Egypt tomb chief

dynastyPhysician Czech team of experts found in the ancient Egyptian necropolis tomb physician who served as the Pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty, according to the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt. This dynasty ruled Egypt for two and a half thousand years BC The workers and experts have unearthed the building of the necropolis near the Egyptian town of Abusir. According to preliminary data, was buried in the tomb of a man named Shepseskafanh. Judging by the title, he was the head doctors of Upper and Lower Egypt. Continue reading “Czech archaeologists have found in the sands of Egypt tomb chief”

Archaeologists have discovered ancient glass buttons

glass buttonsThe cemetery Karashamb , located in the Kotayk region , continues to surprise archaeologists interesting findings . Here are carried out excavations of burials of the Middle Bronze Age , during which they , in particular, found a silver goblet depicting figures of people and animals. As told in an interview with ArmInfo director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences Pavel Avetisyan, in Karashamb managed to find unique items in large quantities Continue reading “Archaeologists have discovered ancient glass buttons”

Archaeologists have found a mysterious prehistoric message

prehistoric messageScientists through computed tomography and 3D-modeling could look inside a sealed clay balls, called envelope. Today, all over the world can be found only 150 pristine samples of letters’. Recently, archaeologists have found another one like prehistoric letter in which the messages are hidden. Inside it are tiny figures of various geometric shapes. According to foreign media reports, experts are very interested in the question of how such letters were sealed in a time when people did not own writing. Continue reading “Archaeologists have found a mysterious prehistoric message”

Archaeologists found the tomb of a legend

TombArchaeologists found the tomb of legend.  In carrying out excavations by archaeologists had discovered the tomb of Shangguan Wan.  This woman for several centuries was something of a legend, was considered the most influential women.

Shangguan lived at a time when the wheel of government the country was the Tang Dynasty.  For a long time the woman was a confidant of the Chinese Empress Wu Tse Tien something like a modern Prime Ministers.

  Continue reading “Archaeologists found the tomb of a legend”

Archaeologists have found traces of the ancient spear attack

ancient spear South African archaeologists have learned to recognize the impact marks on the copies of the animal bones and found that it was thrown weapons known to man, no later than 90,000 years ago.

In order to establish that the traces of missile weapons, the researchers turned to modeling.  Scientists have reconstructed stone darts and spears, and then run them in the corpses of cows and sheep.  Or animal body buried in soil, or digested, followed by bone were examined under a microscope.  As a control, in addition to throwing the researchers used as a cutting and thrusting weapon – stone knives and axes.

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