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Archaeologist translates book of strange rituals and spells

 translated bookAncient Tome supposedly written by the legislative body of one of the early Christian sects appeared guide to strange rituals and spells. About the book whose content is no less mysterious than the origin told by specialists from Australia.

Sethianism, or followers of Set – Gnostic sect that existed at the crossroads of antiquity and the early Middle Ages. Network – one of the biblical patriarchs, the third son of Adam and Eve, and Jesus Christ was believed themselves sectarians. According to Dr. Malcolm Chota, a historian at the University of Macquarie, it siphoning wrote mystical book, whose title translates as The Benefit of ritual power. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lost pyramids found on Google Earth ?

Angela Micol believes that she may have located several undiscovered pyramids in Egypt using Google.

A ‘satellite archaeologist’, Micol uses tools such as Google Earth to help her identify possible archaeological sites that have otherwise gone unnoticed such as her discovery of a potentially undiscovered underwater city off the Yucatan Peninsula. Read the rest of this entry »

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