Archaeological found 200 people under the basements of Parisian

Archaeological found 200of ParisianArchaeologists from the National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research found the skeletal remains of more than 200 people under the basements of Parisian supermarket. Scientists conducting archaeological research there before the next building.

The Find did not surprise to archaeologists, since it is known that the store was built on the site of the cemetery of  the Hospital of the Holy Trinity.Cemetery actively used the XII and XVII century and was destroyed at the end of the XVIII century.

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Unexplained archaeological findings

Early 30’s Dr. Hilburn Burafz Greeley, director of the department of geology of Bern College, visited the one place in the state of Kentucky, where he found ten well-preserved and several partially surviving traces in sandstone. They were left on the banks of an ancient river in the Paleozoic era about 250 million years ago.

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