The Age of Aquarius

Somewhere it stated in general terms, somewhere deeper, somewhere is trying to give his definition of classical science, or write about their feelings all sorts of psychics, many different interpretations, there are now another. Most often, the beginning of the Aquarian age is associated with the arrival on earth of the new energies. Let us… Read more The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius

Many will recall that at the turn of the millennium and then there were talks about the advent of the era of Aquarius. Opinions astrologers thus divided: some say that the Age of Aquarius has already come, while others claim that it will soon begin. But what it is really the era of Aquarius, very… Read more The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius female

Enter into a relationship with her, we must remember that it also porodoksalna in love, as in everything else. She has enough fidelity, as in all strong signs when she is in love, but it is also a lack of emotion, like all air signs. With it you can have good Relationships, when to allow… Read more Aquarius female

Aquarius: male

He would not behave as you would normally behave in love other men. With regard to friendship, it will be a good friend and advisor. And love? He believes that any man can be a woman, but love – this is something great! And he kept waiting for the better. When he feels that he… Read more Aquarius: male


Most people like a rainbow. But Aquarians love her more than anyone, they live on a rainbow. More than that, they took it apart, examined every color and yet continue to believe in it. And not so easy to believe in something after you’ve learned that it really is. But Aquarius, die-hard realists, despite the… Read more Aquarius

Aquarius compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac

In 2003, quietly began an era of Aquarius, your mark. Why is ‘slowly’? Because the beginning of an era marked by not precise date, but occurs gradually from 2003 to 2165. Do you have more time to choose a perfect partner. Aquarius – Aries. Aries is consistent vodoleevskomu notion of ‘male’. But this first impression… Read more Aquarius compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac