Mysterious have announced the imminent Apocalypse

ApocalypseNumerology brought a formula of the beast and reported on the imminent coming of the Antichrist. They derived a formula: 666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 2016.

According to the Old Testament, 666 is the number of the Beast – the Antichrist who will come the Day of Judgment. The world feared end of the world for many years, but recently the threat of the apocalypse has become very real. Continue reading “Mysterious have announced the imminent Apocalypse”

The knowledge of mankind after the apocalypse?

 the apocalypseAuthor of the book Knowledge: how to restore our world from scratch astrologist Lewis Dartnell, has devoted years of his life not only work, but also writing a manual for survival after the end of the world. He used to compile the information needed to restart the society, ranging from agriculture and to how to make a radio.

How did the idea for your project?

For a while in my mind persistently loomed one question: What are the fundamentals for our civilization?. We see a lot of things every day, but I do not think many of us really understand how they work, or are being, or Stalling, or what made; Continue reading “The knowledge of mankind after the apocalypse?”

Climate apocalypse is inevitable

Climate ChangeU.S. climate scientists exploring the atmosphere, identified years when reign unbearable heat. 32 years incinerate Beijing Sun, 33 years later would be impossible to live in New York (USA, 2047), and climatic apocalypse touches Moscow in 2063, after 49 years.

Thus, climate change associated with the climate of the region. If current trends persist in nature to 2047, the world climate change will occur. Become much warmer climate will be different. Continue reading “Climate apocalypse is inevitable”

The war in Syria as the beginning of the apocalypse

WarThe conflict in Syria could be interpreted as coinciding with the predictions and prophecies of the Third World War and the end of the world . In any case, such views are found in a number of blogs , not just religious orientation , as well as publications in the media. Some prophecies of doomsday are not provided, but the conflict in Syria is still mentioned. In view of the approaching session of the U.S. Congress , which will decide whether to strike at Syria , we picked up some of the popular prophecies or religious statements that relate to the events in Syria. Continue reading “The war in Syria as the beginning of the apocalypse”

Apocalypse postponed for 2014?

postponedWhile the inhabitants of the earth are bought candles, salt and matches to the December 21, 2012, an astrophysicist at the American Observatory “Chandra” warned of a far more real problems for humanity, which may occur in 2014. A couple of years ago it was discovered in space cloud giant with enormous destructive force, named among astronomers “sowing chaos”.

Dimensions of education are more than 16 million miles in diameter. The nature of the mysterious cloud is unknown, it destroys everything in its path: planets, comets and stars. At the moment we know that it is the speed of light is directed to our solar system. Astrophysicists believe the cloud formed from the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy
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12 incredible events in 2012

Incredible,year,20122012 will be an incredible year, the financial world is facing an abyss, the wars in Iran and Syria, managed natural disasters, new epidemics, newly discovered vaccines, curtailed civil rights and censorship on the Internet. Apocalypse at the end of 2012 – that is what is most feared in 2012, numerous prophets.
12 different factors in the development of events in 2012.
1) End of the World 2012
Mayan calendar ends on 21/12/2012
Fearsome date that the majority of Mayan priests associated with disasters in a society that is coming new age of mankind, waking from a dream, an enlightened and tolerant, living in peace and harmony. Under the influence of increased solar activity, our DNA is significantly altered. Continue reading “12 incredible events in 2012”

Scientists predict the Earth apocalypse in 2013

Earth, apocalypseIn 2013, the sun wakes up after a long hibernation, and experts predict NASA, ideal magnetic storm” will lead to man-made catastrophe on Earth.

As the NEWSru Israel, these findings are contained in the report, Richard Fisher, head of NASA, responsible for overseeing the Sun.

According to the researcher, is currently on the solar surface temperature is rapidly growing.

Richard Fisher in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper said that the magnetic storms will lead to failure of communication and computer systems, will withdraw from the system mobile and satellite communications, and will cause failures in the airports. Because solar activity can “lie” the banking system.
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