Prediction and anticipation of disasters

disastersThe strange incidents happen in the county of Lincolnshire in the UK 1 June 1974. Housewife watched telecast on Sunday. Suddenly, on the screen instead of the sports program there was something else, show up in the Flixborough disaster – an explosion at a chemical plant!

This city is just 20 miles from Grimsby, where the Dursleys Brennan, gazing TV, live. To it was soon visited by guests, the couple Eastham. Told about the morning program, those sad, the news free they have not seen. Discussed the trouble spared the victims of chemical plant workers. Evening came, and Leslie again turned on the TV.
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Humanity lives anticipation of Armageddon

The predictions of the ancient, but the reality starts to really scare. America had just suffered a real catastrophe of Hurricane. On the Canadian border for the storm, and added another earthquake. Venice floods for the second time in 2 weeks.

Muscovite even freezing rain received with suspicion – something is wrong in nature. And nobody laughs at the Mayan Calendar. According to their predictions, the end of an era begins on December 21. Do storms, floods, earthquakes – the harbingers of the apocalypse? Exactly how our civilization will end? “AIF” remembered all cases end of the world and listened to the scientists. Continue reading “Humanity lives anticipation of Armageddon”