The Bermuda triangle is a dangerous anomaly

BermudaBermuda Triangle is one of the most dangerous areas on the level of radiation to which scientists have ever faced. European researchers expect that they will be able to look into the strange radiation zone located a few hundred kilometers from the coast of Brazil.

To do this, they plan to send a satellite into space, which will be regularly fly over the South Atlantic anomaly and measure. This place is a point where the Van Allen radiation belts – rings of charged particles surrounding the Earth are closest to the surface of the planet. Continue reading “The Bermuda triangle is a dangerous anomaly”

What is Kasli anomaly?

Kasli, anomalyThe study of “community” began with an address by a resident of Yekaterinburg with the request to understand the incomprehensible satellite photographs, found on the pages of Outlandish form of plantations searchers RO Ural Kosmopoisk “interested, because with anything like anyone previously did not have to face. It was decided to organize a trip to the facility, and August 7, 2010 the band embarked on a journey. As a result of attacks the group managed to implement targets set, as well as detect the material evidence on the use of versions of studied objects in the activities of man. Continue reading “What is Kasli anomaly?”