Molebsky triangle-Perm Anomalous Zone

Ural villageThe junction of the Perm region and the Sverdlovsk region.  A famous geomagnetically area known as the Triangle Molebsky or Perm Anomalous Zone, located in front of the village, on the left bank of the river Sylva.  At one time it was a holy place for the people of Mansi, here was located Prayer stone on which performs the rite of sacrifice, from which came the name of the village.

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Anomalous zone Preyzera

Anomalous zone Back in 1040 in the eastern United States of America American George simple Preyzer accidentally discovered a place that does not seem to apply the known at school, all the laws of physics.

The compass was not working, the trees bent helix observed optical illusions, and even gravity strangely changed. Where anomalies occur in the magnetic field and gravity, and even space. Continue reading “Anomalous zone Preyzera”

Secrets of Moscow

MoscowAll day millions of Muscovites all hurry up and running somewhere in the literal sense of the word without looking at his feet and not thinking about the fact that the average capital hatch may be entering another world. A couple of years ago, I would not have believed it, until it met with representatives of the movement of diggers and carried with them a few forays there in the catacombs of the underworld.
At the time of the English bourgeois revolution diggers, or “true Levelers“, under the leadership of Gerald Winstanley fought for the establishment of universal equality and the elimination of private ownership of land. They could not assume that their name will be called one of the most interesting and unusual destinations “underground activity” of modern times. Continue reading “Secrets of Moscow”

Mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda ,TriangleThe Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the United States. Inside and near the area bounded by an imaginary line that connects Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico – A triangle with sides of about 2000 km each – a considerable Nombe boat and aircraft have disappeared in circumstances to say the least mysterious.
The sky glowed with stars, and the DC-3 was preparing to land at Miami airport. The flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, was progressing well. The city lights were already visible. Suddenly, communications between the control tower and the aircraft broke off. Almost immediately, a massive search operation was unleashed. The weather was ideal, high visibility, but the DC-3 and its crew no trace. Disappeared into nothingness, at the dawn of 28 December 1948. Continue reading “Mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle”

Scientists have discovered 40 dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur, eggsThe fossilized eggs of very old lizards found the faculty members in the CSU geology expedition in Sharoi district of the republic. According to scientists, giant reptiles lay eggs about 60 million years ago. Have made wonderful discovery, the expedition “Chechnya – tourism center.” A group of scientists and public figures set out in the Sharoi area to explore two mountain waterfall, which were not previously studied by geographers. We have studied the terrain, and suddenly someone has paid attention to the balls flat shape, which lay on the rocks around – told Life News Head of the Laboratory, “Landscape Research” CSU Said-Emin Dzhabrailov. – Judging by the form, we immediately assumed that it can be fossilized eggs.
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Binary stars were the main food of black holes

HolesAstronomers have strong-minded  that during the growth of supermassive black holes feed on the halves of the double stars, rather than gas, dust, or single luminaries as previously thought. The article appeared in the scientific journal The Astrophysical Journal (at the time of this writing, the article was not available), and its summary is provided in a press release, University of Utah. According to modern concepts, the supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies grow from stellar mass black holes (that is formed as a result of gravitational collapse of massive stars) as a result of the gradual absorption of matter. Continue reading “Binary stars were the main food of black holes”

Iceland expects a major volcanic eruption

volcanicThe largest glaciers in Iceland, scientists have identified signs of inevitable eruption, which may be one of the strongest in the history of the island. Katla volcano (the crater diameter – 10 km) is able to melt ice and cause catastrophic flooding on the east coast of Iceland. Last month there were more than five hundred aftershocks in the caldera and near it, – said Ford Cochran of the National Geographic Society. – Magma was set in motion. ” The first signs of an impending nightmare came 9 July: a relatively small earthquake has led to significant flooding: bridges were washed away, a few days a number of areas of the country was isolated. “This is the fourth in the last half-century period of awakening Cuttle,” – explains Paudl Einarsson of the University of Iceland. Continue reading “Iceland expects a major volcanic eruption”

The genome of Asians have found traces of human Denisovskoye

genomeBiologists have found that Denisovsky people (the Latin name for this species has not yet assigned) mated with a human population in Asia – before it was assumed that such events occurred only in Oceania. Article scientists appeared in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and its summary is provided in a press release Uppsala University, where researchers are working. Denisovsky man was discovered in 2010 and then as scientists of the Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Max Planck Svante Paabo led sikvenirovat DNA was this kind of people. By comparing the data obtained with the human genome, they concluded that this species mated with people leaving in our genome for a number of its information. Continue reading “The genome of Asians have found traces of human Denisovskoye”

Accidentally escaped from being hit by a comet

The Civilization could disappear 128 years ago as a result of the collision of a comet with our planet, the kick would have been 3 thousand times stronger than in the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. But the comet flew only a few thousand kilometers from Earth. Such a hypothesis put forward Mexican scientists. Researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico made their discovery based on images taken 12 and August 13, 1883 their countryman, Jose Bonilla astronomer. Watching the sky at his observatory in Tsakatekase, he suddenly saw a number of strange objects – cigar-shaped and veterenoobraznyh. About how much exactly they saw Bonilla, runs contradictory information – from 143 to several hundred. Due to the fact that his telescope was equipped with an ultra-modern at the time a device – a camera – Bonilla managed to capture these objects. Continue reading “Accidentally escaped from being hit by a comet”

Hibernation prolongs life

lifeResearchers found that long-term hibernation in mammals – not a waste of time.
In hibernation hidden secret of longevity and health. Researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna found that survival rates in animals hibernate at 15% higher than those who do not fall into hibernation.
The head of the research team, Claudia Bieber wrote: “So far we assumed that sleep – a problem for animals. Now we know that animals suffer sleep very well, and it allows you to meet the active season in the best shape. ”
It is best to sleep carry small animals like mice, which is carried out in such a state of up to six months. Dormancy contributes to the survival not only because it saves energy in the cold, but also because of sleeping animals are less likely to be eaten by predators.